Decompression Event: Portraits in Fur

This will be a fully interactive community art event. In the spirit of the roaring 1920′s, we will gather in our Burner finest to create individual portraits, in your chosen media style to create a Burner Portrait Gallery for a future event in 2015.
Natalie Gregory is leading the event and more details will be released soon including volunteer opportunities, dates, and ticket sales. We thank you for your patience and look forward to Decompressing with you all soon.
Date: Mid-November (final date to be announced)

Wanted: Otherworld Doarch

We are looking for someone with the master plan to breathe life into Otherworld 2015 in early July.
There will be many big changes this year, so this will be challenging role.
Deadline for applications is October 1st
Please contact: Directors@KindleArts.ca

The Kindle Arts Society has opened our Autumn Art Grant cycle

Now that you’re back from Burning Man and feeling inspired to create something amazing, we want to help you do it.

We have $2000 we want to give to the community to create art to display at our Decompression event (or other future events).
Deadline for applications is October 15th


The Kindle Arts Society and the Victoria BM Regional Contacts will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting

We want to engage the Victoria Burning Man community to introduce ourselves and to receive feedback on how you would like us to grow the community over the next year.
Date: Sometime in October (to be announced)


Who We Are

What is the Kindle Arts Society?

KindleArts is a not-for profit society operated by a group of volunteers out of Victoria, BC. Our purpose is to nurture creativity in everyone and to help kindle it into a fire of artistic self-expression.

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What We Do

Art Grants

The main way KindleArts pursues its purpose is through providing art grants. We believe that everyone is an artist. By providing art grants we reduce one barrier to creating art and help to nurture the creative spark in everyone!

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Arts Events

Art needs to be shared! That’s why one of KindleArts’ most important activities is operating arts events. The society hosts three annual events (spring, summer, and fall) and accepts proposals for special events year-round. Our events serve as spaces for live performance and temporary (non-traditional) art galleries for all types of artists to share their work. These events are participatory: everyone who attends is asked to contribute art and volunteer time to help create an amazing interactive experience!

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Arts Education

You’re an artist. You might not think so, but art lives in everyone – including you! We’re working to provide low-cost (or free) interactive workshops to help provide you with skills to bring the creativity you have inside out into the world.

More info coming soon!