Kindle Arts Society invites you to our Fall Event ~ Portraits in Fur

Portraits in Fur is a fully interactive evening of art. As a community we will produce art for an interactive Burner Portrait Gallery which will be completed in 2015.
Dressed in you finest 1920′s style (Flappers, suits, furs for men and women) you will be randomly matched with a partner to create their portrait.
You will need to bring your chosen media and everything you need to complete the portrait at the event….radical self reliance!
Portraits will be saved for the Interactive Gallery planned for an event in 2015

Not an artist?  You are now!  At this event creativity trumps technical ability.

There will be a cash bar @ $5 per drink.
BYOC (Bring your own cup)

Can’t wait for the Burner Portrait Gallery?
You will be able to have a quick snap shot in all your glory in our 1920′s themed photo booth!

Music will be provided by our awesome community DJs who have been given a new challenge of only playing
Swing & Electro-Swing music

As with all Kindle Arts Society events you will be able to select a volunteer option when you purchase your tickets,
this event can’t happen without you.

Tickets on sale now
$25 ~ 12 years and older
$10 ~ under 12 years
Link to Facebook Event


The Kindle Arts Society and the Victoria BM Regional Contacts

hosted a Town Hall Meeting to find out what you want your Community to become…

We found that people have much to say and we want to keep the conversation going.
We have created an online forum for our community to come together to discuss topics that are important to them.
Check out the new Forum

Who We Are

What is the Kindle Arts Society?

KindleArts is a not-for profit society operated by a group of volunteers out of Victoria, BC. Our purpose is to nurture creativity in everyone and to help kindle it into a fire of artistic self-expression.

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What We Do

Art Grants

The main way KindleArts pursues its purpose is through providing art grants. We believe that everyone is an artist. By providing art grants we reduce one barrier to creating art and help to nurture the creative spark in everyone!

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Arts Events

Art needs to be shared! That’s why one of KindleArts’ most important activities is operating arts events. The society hosts three annual events (spring, summer, and fall) and accepts proposals for special events year-round. Our events serve as spaces for live performance and temporary (non-traditional) art galleries for all types of artists to share their work. These events are participatory: everyone who attends is asked to contribute art and volunteer time to help create an amazing interactive experience!

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Arts Education

You’re an artist. You might not think so, but art lives in everyone – including you! We’re working to provide low-cost (or free) interactive workshops to help provide you with skills to bring the creativity you have inside out into the world.

More info coming soon!