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Directed Tickets will go on sale Monday, May 1st, at 7 PM

We ask that you purchase your Directed Tickets in the first week of May. Unused directed tickets will be released to the pools.

We have not been able to finalize a price due to ongoing venue negotiations. We expect them to conclude in the coming week and announce the price as soon as possible. The price will be similar to last year.

If you are a volunteer either this year or last year, including production, camps, and artist teams, there is a ticket already reserved for you. Please email if you have any questions.

Directed Ticket Registration by April 25th

For camps and artists: If you have not already done so, please request directed tickets for your team before April 25th through the Directed Registration Form:

If you are volunteering for production this year, you will receive a directed ticket purchase link from your team lead. Apply here:

General Sale will open Saturday, May 6th, at 2 PM

We expect general ticket prices will be higher than directed ticket prices. We expect to sell out quickly, as this sale is coming later in the year than the 2023 process. Please mark your calendars.

The Subsidy Ticket Sale will open on Sunday, May 14th, at 2 PM.

A notice will be posted to the kindlearts website shortly, indicating the application process.

Ticket Sale Dates
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