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2024 Temple and Effigy Grant Selection

Interested in taking on Temple or Effigy this year?

The effigy is usually a large art piece that is burned or is a component of a fire performance on Saturday night and is the defining moment of a Regional Burn, It’s what brings all the participants together in one ineffable moment of shared celebration, catharsis, and ritual. The Effigy can depict a classical human form, or an alternative sculpture, or any other structure you image.

The temple provides a space for reflection, meditation, memorializing and release. The Temple is the closing event of Otherworld on Sunday Night and provides a final release of the memories, thoughts, wishes, and burdens that we have left there, whatever it was we needed to let go of or move past. The temple is a neutral, non-denominational space, and adheres to the traditions of the Black Rock City Temple.

The 2023 Temple is anticipated to burn on April 20th.

2024 Process – DRAFT

Step One: Send us an email at to let us know if you’re interested in designing and building Temple or Effigy (Open as of January)

  • We’ll respond back and let you know the list of folks who are interested this year.
  • Sometimes, folks find they want to develop their own idea and sometimes they want to collaborate with the other teams for a joint project.


Step Two: We’ll ask folks to pitch us on what they want to do. (Timeline: February)

  • Last year’s grants were between $2,000 and $4,000 for materials, with additional funds for transport. Please prepare a budget for your costs.
  • Please prepare a drawing or a model of your plan that lets us understand the scale and shape of what you’re planning.
  • Submissions should include plans for what how the object will be removed from the site
    • This means having a burn plan and a plan for a no-burn. You can pitch a structure that doesn’t burn, but it is desired for it to reflect or be incorporated in some aspect of the burn performance.
  • If you are pitching a “design only” idea, make it clear in your communication that you don’t have a team in place to build it
  • If you are pitching a “build only” interest, let us know what your capabilities are for building. We will try and connect you with folks with design ideas.
  • preference for selection goes to teams that already have the necessary skills to build and a design that is feasible to execute.
  • We anticipate having a theme for the event in late February. Including it in your design is optional.


Step Three: Announcement of who has the Temple or Effigy Grant (Scheduled for March 7th or earlier)

  • Some volunteers have signed up to help with pre-build, site build or activities on site through the volunteer form
  • You can contact the folks you are interested in working with and work out a schedule with them
  • You’ll have access to directed tickets to offer to your volunteer team to purchase to ensure your team can make it to the event



2024 Effigy and Temple Inquires Open
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