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Main Ticket Types at Otherworld 2024

  • Directed Tickets, which are specifically reserved for you to purchase to facilitate volunteering or bringing a project
    • Last year, the Directed Ticket Sale was May 1st
    • Typically anyone who is contributing 3-6+ hours of work
  • Main Sale Tickets, which become available in the Main Sale
    • Last year, the Main Sale was May 6th


How to get a Directed Ticket

A principle reason to go to Otherworld is to volunteer and/or do artistic or self-expressive projects.

Because Main Sale tickets typically sell out, we’ve made directed tickets available to help facilitate folks who are volunteering or bringing a project to Otherworld.


Register a Project for Directed Tickets
    1. If you haven’t registered your project yet, do so here:
    2. If you are coming as part of a camp or project, your Camp Leads will have directed tickets set aside for you. You can also volunteer for production if you like.
    3. Placement Reminder: don’t forget that projects that need placement also need to complete the Placement Form. Email if you don’t have your form.


Volunteer for the Event
    1. If you haven’t signed up to volunteer, do so here:
    2. If you’ve haven’t heard back from the teams you were interested in, you could reach out to other teams to see if they still have space for you.


Links for directed tickets will go out toward the end of the April.


Are there restrictions on Directed Tickets?

Directed Tickets are still subject to various terms, conditions, and restrictions, just like the main sale tickets are. Please check the terms and conditions. If you are not able to come for any reason, the reservation for the directed ticket will simply be released after the deadline into the main sale.


2024 How to get directed tickets for Otherworld
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