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Once a year. the Otherworld production team gathers to choose a theme for the Otherworld event. Often, something fun and playful is selected to inspire artists.


Elementality describes our interconnectedness to the world around us and how we perceive ourselves in relation to our environment. It is an alchemical transmutation from one state of being into another. It is about how the ancient and mystical elements—earth, air, water, fire—impact and shape human existence.

🌎Earth to symbolize stability, grounding and physicality.
🌬Air to signify movement, freedom and change.
🔥Fire to represent passion, transformation and energy.
🌊Water to embody fluidity, emotion and intuition.

Finally, there is a fifth element. The void. The aether. Eternal movement. Space. Imagination. Quintessence. It represents those ideas existing beyond our terrestrial experience.

Welcome to Otherworld: ELEMENTALITY

– Theme Description


Theme chosen by the Otherworld Production team. Logo, art, text and visuals by Juniper. Content contribution from Shannon H.





2024 Theme Introduction – Otherworld: ELEMENTALITY
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