Birds aren’t Real.

The Kindle Arts Society is about Art.

We believe that all people have an innate need to create. Our vision is a world without barriers to creative self-expression, where everyone feels empowered to create art. We exist to make the creation of art more accessible to our members and the greater community. We put on events in part to showcase that art, and to raise funds for the creation of art.

The Kindle Arts Society is a Not-For-Profit Society serving the Coastal BC region.

In 2011 the Victoria area arts and culture community and the Burning Man community recognized the need to become more formally organized. Over the course of several months, community leaders and interested participants met and discussed the needs and values of the community.  In January of 2012 they elected a board of directors to form a society based on those needs and values.

Today, Kindle Arts Society organizes arts and cultural events, education and provides support to artists and communities that serve Coastal BC, including Vancouver Island, the lower mainland, and outlying islands. But no matter where you are from, you are welcome to participate.

The Kindle Arts Society is based on participation.

We encourage our members to get involved in our community, events, and Arts and Education Teams. Membership in the society requires some form of participation within the last year.

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