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Anyone who has in the past year volunteered for two or more hours in an Infrastructure Role of a KindleArts event or the Society, OR volunteered for six or more hours in a Content Contribution Role is eligible for membership.

  • Team and event leads will track volunteer hours to the best of their ability.
  • Volunteering must directly support the Society and its events.
  • Any volunteer activity is counted as 30 minutes minimum – even showing up for a cancelled shift.
  • Performances are counted as 60 minutes minimum to account for practice and setup time.
  • Event leads, department leads, liaisons and team members are counted as giving away more than 2 hours.
  • Volunteer hours are counted as occurring on the final date of a multi-day event.
  • Volunteers who have gone on a period of active military duty in the past year, or who have taken a leave due to medical or family reasons, will have their volunteer time shifted forward by that period.
  • All members must provide a physical address according to the BC Societies Act. The address will be stored on KindleArt’s servers in the United States. KindleArt’s use of personal information is governed by the BC Personal Information Protection Act (summary: nobody is allowed to give away your information except under the US PATRIOT Act). There are no restrictions on country of residence.
  • We will make a reasonable attempt to contact eligible members who did not submit a physical address with their registration.
  • Notifications of General Meetings and other official Society business will be sent by email, if we have one on file, otherwise by post.
  • The Board of Directors may make other people members at their discretion based on other volunteer activity.


Volunteer roles, in more detail:

Participation in the following Infrastructure Roles will require a minimum of (2) two hours of confirmed volunteer time during a Kindle Arts Event to qualify for membership:
  • Leadership (Coordinator, Associate Producers, Team Leads)
  • Department of Public Works (DPW)
  • Rangers
  • Leave No Trace (LNT)
  • Gate
  • Team Leads
  • Fire Safety
  • Transportation Crew
  • Fire Perimeter
  • Special Infrastructure Roles as designated by the Event Coordinator
Participation in the following Content Contributor Roles will require a minimum of (6) six hours of confirmed volunteer time to qualify for membership:
  • Art Project grant recipients
  • Build Time for an art project at a KindleArts event (even if the project did not submit for an art grant or submit for official event art placement)
  • Committee members or Jurors for Kindle Arts Society, Kindle Academy, Kindle Art Grants
  • Setup and/or Teardown of placed Theme Camps
  • Operation positions of placed Theme Camps
  • Greeters at events
  • Performances (each scheduled performance is counted as (1) one hour of volunteer time to acknowledge rehearsal time and artistic process)
  • DJ or musician sets count as performances (when they perform a set at a registered Sound Theme Camp)
  • Special Content Contributor Roles as designated by the Event Coordinator
Team Leads and Co-Leads are responsible for Afterburn Reports and for monitoring and recording volunteer hours as directed by the Event Coordinator, in consultation with the Board of Directors.
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