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As you may have already heard, Kindle Arts Society is in the process of reorganizing its constitution and bylaws to adhere to the new BC Society’s Act guidelines. A meeting to review the changes and get community input is scheduled for Saturday February 25th @ 10am. There is a room booked at UVic – Cornett A317 – for this event. Please come out and let us know what you think of the changes to the constitution and bylaws! We recognize that Uvic is a bit of a trek out of town for some people, so KindleArts will reimburse attendees for either their parking or bus fees, in hopes of removing barriers to attendance.

The drafts of the new constitution and bylaws can be found here:



While the goal is to have everyone interested attend the meeting, if you are unable to attend but have comments or suggestions about the drafts please email the board at

There is a slight complication to the revisions, which is that because we missed the transition deadline of November 28, 2016, there are some restrictions placed on our changes by the Society Act. Namely, we first have to submit a version of the original constitution and bylaws, altered only by moving the unalterable clauses from the constitution into the bylaws and identifying them as previously unalterable, and identifying the society as a member funded society. Then, immediately upon submitting the old, only slightly altered documents, we are able to submit the new documents that have been drafted. The interim constitution and bylaws will only be in effect for a few days while we submit the more substantial changes found above, but if you’d like to review the interim documents, they can be found here:



For the truly curious/nerdy, the new BC Society’s Act can be found in its entirety here:

Huge thanks go out to Liam for his hard work in drafting the new constitution and bylaws, he navigated the complicated process of following the new BC Society’s Act guidelines brilliantly and created a fantastic document.

Hope to see everyone on February 25th!

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