2021-23 Board of Directors

Robyn Thompson – Chair

Robyn’s first trip to Black Rock City happened in 2010. She fell in love with the community, culture, arts, humour, reverence and irreverence. Since then she has returned to the big burn but has found a true passion for building and supporting her local regionals. Both BitF and OW have brought great joy over the years. Robyn’s been building art and co-leading Inkfish camp since 2017. Otherworld has become her home away from home and she is truly honoured to be able to offer this community.

Daywalker skills include:
Creative director of events and exhibits since 2010.
Hands-on stage design, build and management for electronic arts mainstages.
Ground plan design for small to massive size events.. 
Creating and curating community arts engagement programs. Project management, budget management and creative business consulting for startups and non-profits. 
Silly skills note: 
Can carve a 3′ cartoon lemur out of foam with super speed and without dulling a knife. 
May or may not be a micro shrimp overlord. 
Can blow bubble rings from the deepest fathoms below. 
Has at least 2 concert gongs for … gong stuff. 
Thank you for having me, it will be my pleasure to work with you all. 

   – Vice Chair

This role was previously occupied by standing Chair Robyn Thomson 


Angela Arvizu – Secretary

Burner for over 18 years. Angela is a self-defined geek.

A decade of work experience alongside the all-mighty computer and world travel has led the way to familiarity with various processes and settings.  Angela can be found in the forest, with a Starlink as an idol. 

She is known to serve a mean cup of tea with a flare, keen to ask deep questions to ponder life’s meaning as well as human nature. 


Jon Cunningham – Treasurer

Tribulation of facts, figures, charts and the mysterious vortex we call time, Jon is there and wants to know if you are doing alright. Can be found in a big pile of art. 


Diondra Hall – Member-at-Large

Dee keeps her head on a swivel for the next big story that goes scampering by, and by golly, when it comes to dropping a few nuggets on the hottest happenings of the here and now, she’ll surely be tout-suite on the Hootsuite, dig?

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