2021-23 Board of Directors

John McNeely – Chair

Although he can scarcely find a moment amidst the rigors of beard-growing and sure-footed cliff climbing, John nonetheless manages to keep his cloven hooves in nearly every cookie jar in Kindle’s cupboards.


Liam Lavelle – Vice Chair

An interplanetary double-agent who fluttered down into Black Rock City at next year’s burn, which was better anyways, Liam specializes in executive functions that elude mere mortals.

Edward White – Secretary

With a fetching command of language and an ear for detail, Edward clarifies, annotates, and unflinchingly reports on every syllable uttered by the Board, then uploads the transcripts to the hivemind for general scrutiny.

Jon Cunningham – Treasurer

Possessor of the most organized coin purse in the multiverse, Jon ties the ends to the means, turns the taps on the green, and keeps the books squeaky clean, know what I mean, jellybean?

Diondra Hall – Member-at-Large

Dee keeps her head on a swivel for the next big story that goes scampering by, and by golly, when it comes to dropping a few nuggets on the hottest happenings of the here and now, she’ll surely be tout-suite on the Hootsuite, dig?

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