Past Directors

2017 Board of Directors


 Cam “Xray” Bremner

I have been burning since 2004, and have attended The Thing 11 times over the past 13 years. I am a dispatch supervisor and duty chief with the Emergency Services Department in Black Rock City. I participate in the regional Fire Arts Safety Team discussions, and have worked with the Black Rock FX crew on the playa. In 2011, I was transplanted to the Island from the lower mainland, and connected with the Otherworld community that summer. Previously, I was part of the Vancouver burnerverse and a member of the Disaster Area dangerous arts collective. I am a technical manager with the federal government, and a licensed pyrotechnician and display fireworks supervisor. I have designed and operated the effigy pyro effects at Kasbah and rencent Otherworlds, and am one of two fire safety coordinators for KindleArts. I was involved with the Victoria CORE projects in 2012 and 2013. I have been involved with the Kindle Arts Society art grants program in various roles since it’s inception. I attended the Burningman Global Leadership Conference 2014 and with information shared there, worked with Scott Amos to completely overhaul the KindleArts grants program. My goals as board member will be primarily focused around continuing to build and document processes and best practices so that the board is not continually re-learning how to do things that don’t happen very frequently, as well as working with arts grants and the Academy. I anticipate being heavily involved again in the permitting aspects of fire safety related to Otherworld, and look forward to continuing to build on our good relationship with the Huu-ay-aht First Nation and the development corporation that operates the Pachena Bay campground.


Shannon Rands

I have been involved with the burnvic scene since 2013, I attended my first “big” burn the same year. In 2014, I became more involved, joining Whiskey & Whores at OW, and Whiskey & Hors d’ouvres at Ashes and Skuirrel’s wedding. Having a hand in organizing of Brides of March, leading an homage with The Fafffway House, I also Co-lead Leave No Trace at Otherworld 2015&2016. I managed the Service Kitchen at Burning Man 2015 at The Empress and was “Secret co-Lead” in 2016. I regularly volunteer at Center Camp Cafe as a barista in BRC; in 2016 I volunteered for 36 hours making coffee for the masses! Knowing those involved – the “founders” of Kindle since 1998/99, and watching the community grow and prosper in all those years, I have taken on a larger role by joining the Board. I value accountability, love organization, and seeing projects come to fruition. I know that my attention to detail, my strong work ethic, and my desire to see the best possible outcome for all affected in every situation will benefit the future of our community.


Chris “Clamb” Lamb

I did my first two burns with Slacktoria in 2009 and 2010, my third in 2011 with Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet (and helped assemble the Effitree on playa that year) before my last burn in 2012 where I camped with friends and worked at Artica. In Victoria I’ve ran the Spring Carnivale with Dave Boon in 2011 and have been involved in the production of Otherworld since 2011. I feel that the Board of Directors could do more to communicate with the community so in the spirit of “Fill A Role You See Missing” – I’ve stepped up. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow this community and produce some great Art!  




Edward W.


Claire M.


Liam Lavelle (transition)


Esha Whitlam (transition)


2016 Board of Directors

Chair: Elana “Yalna”Angus

Vice-Chair: Cam Bremner

Secretary: Shannon Rands Treasurer:

Mike “Oz” Divell

Communications: Chris “Clamb” Lamb


2015 Board of Directors

Chairperson: Hiltz Tanner

Vice Chairperson & Secretary: Jason Malo

Treasurer: Natalie Gregory

Director of Communications: Juniper English

Director of Kindle Academy: Cam Bremner

Volunteer Coordinator: Liam Lavelle


2014 Board of Directors

Chairperson: Liam Lavelle

Vice Chairperson: Rose Neary

Treasurer: Edd Macdonald

Secretary: Natalie Gregory

Director of Communications: Hiltz Tanner


2013 Board of Directors

Chairperson: Jared Warren

Vice Chair: Amara Smith

Treasurer: Morgan Andrews

Secretary: David Boon

Director of Art Grants: Chris Marks


2012 Board of Directors

Chairperson: Stephen “Ashes” Wells

Vice Chair: Edd Macdonald

Treasurer: Morgan Andrews

Secretary: Amara Smith

Director-at-Large: Jared Warren

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