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Receiving Funds from Kindle Arts Society

New: Kindle Arts Society now issues most payments by e-transfer, including art grant payments. Please provide us with an email address you would like to receive your funds at when corresponding with us.

Kindle Arts Society still issues cheques. We prefer to do this only when you can’t receive an e-transfer. Please be sure to provide the name to whom the cheque should be made out to and an address where can send it.


E-transfer to Kindle Arts Society

Donations, credits, refund payments and other items may be issued by e-transfer or cheque.

New: now accepts autodeposit, so you don’t have to set a password when sending us funds.

Kindle Arts Society
all other inquiries:

Please include a note indicating what the purpose of sending the funds is (donations, returned art grant, credit from a contract) and who it is from.

Please contact us with any other requests.


Transferring Funds by Cheque

Please issue cheques to “Kindle Arts Society” and include on the memo a note about what the item is being paid for.

Kindle Arts Society
185-911 Yates St
Suite 615
Victoria BC V8V 4Y9

Please email us if you have sent correspondence to this mailbox. It is checked on an irregular basis.


Payments on Behalf of Kindle Arts

New: Kindle Arts Society now has an Online Purchasing Card with a proper Credit Card Number. Almost all online bookings, payments, and rentals can now be issued directly from the Kindle Arts Society bank account, except ferry travel, accommodation and vehicle rental. Please connect with us if you have expenses on your card that were made for Kindle Arts Society so we can get them moved onto the KASOPC.

The OPC system is still subject to the Society’s Bylaws, in particular the “two to sign” rule, which prevents the Society from using most personal, small business and non-corporate banking products, including bank cards capable of doing chip and pin payments in person.  The operational design of OPC satisfies the requirements.

The Society is required to report on all purchases and payments.

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