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The Directors of the Kindle Arts Society would like to express their appreciation to Marlene Lagoa, who has volunteered to lead the Kindle Arts Society’s first Annual General Meeting in January 2013.

Marlene has selected a tentative date of January 26th for the AGM (save the date!). Once a location has been confirmed a formal announcement will be sent to society members via email including confirmed date, location, agenda, and materials for review.

One major topic at the AGM will be the election of new directors. Although board terms will typically be for 2 years, the bylaws state that half of the directors will be replaced at each AGM. The bylwas were written this way so that each year half of the board will be made up of new directors and the other half will be tenured members of the board. To launch this overlapping of terms, 2-3 of the existing directors will voluntarily step down at the AGM. The terms of the directors who are not stepping down will end at the 2014 AGM.

According to our bylaws, members do not elect members to specific positions. As all board members have equal say in the business of the society, the newly-formed board will work together to determine who will take on what roles within the board of directors.

Please stay tuned for additional information!

AGM Lead Selected
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