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KindleArts believes that all people have an innate need to create. Our vision is a world without barriers to creative self-expression, where everyone feels empowered to create art. We exist to make the creation of art more accessible to our members and the greater community. We produce events not only to showcase that art, but also to raise funds for the creation of art, and facilitate community interactions. One main way KindleArts pursues its purpose is through providing art grants. We believe that everyone is an artist and by providing art grants we reduce one barrier to creating art and help to nurture the creative spark in everyone! The Kindle Arts Society awards grants three times a year to provide funding to members of our community to bring art to our events. We will also occasionally grant funds to help facilitate activities and workshops that community members participate in. This grant process is also used by event producers to bring event-specific art or participatory experiences (e.g., theme camps) to a specific event. If you have art, workshops/activities, or participatory experiences that you would like funding for then you’re in the right place. Check out the sidebar for a list of upcoming art grants application deadlines.  
  • Grant Recipients

    2016Winter 2016 Lucifer The Flaming Lamp Post (Summer 2016) Paragraph about the art! Lorem ipsum… Read More Summer 2016 LuciferREAD MORE
  • Art Grant Criteria

    How do I get started? First, read this entire document. Then figure out how much support you need from KindleArts,READ MORE
  • Grant Jury Procedure

    Once received, the proposals may be sorted into general art (to be presented at any event within a year) andREAD MORE
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