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FAQ’s for Grant Application Instructions

Q. What do you mean by Planning?

Think about your project from start to finish, or from finish to start. The idea of reverse engineering can be helpful.

What tools will you need? How many people are needed? Where will the materials come from? Who has a van or truck you could borrow for transport? Can you collaborate with other camps or projects?

Q. What is an itemized line budget?

A line budget is like a ​grocery bill​. Each item is listed with its cost, and then all the item’s costs are added together for a total estimated project cost.

Q. How is that different from a list of the stuff I’ll need?

The stuff you need is like your ​grocery list​. Fruits, veggies, eggs, coffee, etc. It is too general and not itemized or broken down into individual costs.

Q. Can I get a grant for fire art and fuel?

All fire art must be approved by our Fire Arts Safety Team (F.A.S.T.) before receiving a grant. If your project requires fuel and has been approved by FAST, you may qualify for our Fire Arts Fuel Fund. This fund usually comes directly from the event’s budget.

You can apply for a grant for the construction materials to create fire art.

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