Happy pandemic and winter greetings from the Kindle Arts Board of Directors! Due to gathering restrictions and generalized chaos, our ambitious plans for a Kindle Arts town-hall meeting turned out to be too ambitious, so we postponed. And we must push on! We have rescheduled our virtual town hall meeting for Saturday, March 20th, from […]

Creating web presence

You may have noticed that a lot of work has happened around this site since last year! Volunteers are still working to improve the experience, and now we’re looking to YOU! Do you have a desire to spend time creating an engaging and dynamic user experience with graphic design? How about web development? Have you […]

General Meeting – We need YOU!

First, thank you for understanding when we had to make the decision to re-run the election portion of our Annual General Meeting. It was an error that we should have foreseen and take responsibility for this having happened. To move forward, we have documented our procedures for future boards and we hope it will ensure […]

WANTED: Comms Volunteers

Join our year-round KindleArts Communications Team! KindleArts is looking for communications volunteers to help make our long-term comms goals a reality! We want to give membership and community better access to information (and resources) and build more transparent systems of decision-making. We need your help to make this happen. Let Esha & Amara know if […]

Doarch Needed for Otherworld 2014

Who: Someone with great organizational skills and vision Deadline: Friday, February 21st before 11:59PM Event Date: July 3 to 6, 2014Application: KindleArts Multi-Day Event Proposal The Kindle Arts Society is looking for a visionary to lead Otherworld this summer! Submit your initial ideas via the application form by Friday, February 21st. Events are a collaborative […]

Doarch(s) Needed for Spring 2014 Event

Who: One or two leaders with good organization skills and vision Deadline: Sunday, December 15th before 11:59PM Event Date: To be set by the Board around the beginning of March, 2014How to Apply: Fill out the form below The Kindle Arts Society is looking for one or two visionaries to lead an event this spring! For past […]

Introducing Our Venue Team

In the past, it’s been up to the event lead to book a venue for our spring and fall events. We hoped that event leads would have interesting ideas for venues and it freed up the Board to concentrate on more strategic activities. But we’ve come to realize that finding interesting venues is hard work […]

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