Ashes’ Report on the 2012 Leadership Summit

I attended my third Annual Regional Leadership Summit (hosted by the Burning Man Project) in April 2012. I attended as Victoria’s Regional Contact in the previous two years; however this was the first I have attended as a Director for KindleArts (in addition to my role as Regional Contact). There were minimal differences to how […]

New Logo!

Kindle Arts Society has a new logo…but you can’t see it just yet. Congratulations to Ashes for creating the new KindleArts logo. We will be integrating it with our website and other online content soon. The Directors would like to thank everyone who submitted a design. It’s inspiring to know such wonderfully creative people.   […]

Fall Art Grants Announced

The Kindle Arts Society is proud to announce we are accepting art grant proposals for autumn 2012. Successful grant applicants will: Create the proposed art piece. Save receipts of materials and present copies of those receipts (of greater than or equal to the grant amount) by November 25th. Return funds if project is not completed. […]

Who the Hell is That??

I’ve heard it said that the other members of the Board are “the usual suspects”, but a lot of people had no idea who I was when I won the election. I first attended Otherworld in 2011 not really knowing what I was getting into. When I signed up for tickets I said something like […]

New Safety Liaisons Appointed

The Kindle Arts Society is proud to announce the appointment of two liaison officers who will be in charge of some very special projects in Victoria! Cam “Spidey” Hacault: KindleArts Ranger Liaison Alan “Ben T Forkx” Whysker: KindleArts Fire Safety Liaison Congratulations and many thanks to these two community leaders! They will be doing a […]

Doarch for Fall Event Selected

In August, the Kindle Arts Society published a callout for Event Doarchs to lead a fall 2012 event. We had several people express interest! This was hard for the board as we’ve never had competing bids to lead an event before. We learned that we need a formal selection process, and also let us know […]

KindleArts seeks logos by October 17

KindleArts is seeking submissions of digital artwork to be used as a logo to represent the society! As we are a volunteer-operated society, we are seeking the donation of time from designers who are willing to donate this service to the society free of charge. Submissions are due via email to by October 17. […]

KindleArts Seeks participants for the KindleArts Education Team!

WHO: Anyone who is passionate about bringing art skills and other education to Victoria!CONTACT: directors@kindlearts.caDUE: OCTOBER 17th, 2012 before 11:59PM As a community, we believe that all people have an innate need to create. The vision of the Kindle Arts Society is a world without barriers to creative self-expression, where everyone feels empowered to create […]

Victoria needs Doarchs for a fall 2012 event!

Who: Anyone who has had the urge to run an event. Contact: Deadline: September 10th, 2012 before 11:59PM The Kindle Arts Society is looking for leaders who are interested in operating a fall event in 2012. The board is interested in hearing from you about your idea for an event that you would like […]

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