Kindle Arts Grants Announcement

We’re excited to announce that with the confirmation of Otherworld 2022: Return of the Space Cowboi, we are ready to open a new grant round. This round is for Otherworld: 2022 only! Due to the ongoing unpredictability of the pandemic, our only scheduled upcoming event is Otherworld: 22 at Laketown Ranch, June 16-20th 2022. If […]

Happy pandemic and winter greetings from the Kindle Arts Board of Directors! Due to gathering restrictions and generalized chaos, our ambitious plans for a Kindle Arts town-hall meeting turned out to be too ambitious, so we postponed. And we must push on! We have rescheduled our virtual town hall meeting for Saturday, March 20th, from […]

Creating web presence

You may have noticed that a lot of work has happened around this site since last year! Volunteers are still working to improve the experience, and now we’re looking to YOU! Do you have a desire to spend time creating an engaging and dynamic user experience with graphic design? How about web development? Have you […]

WANTED: Comms Volunteers

Join our year-round KindleArts Communications Team! KindleArts is looking for communications volunteers to help make our long-term comms goals a reality! We want to give membership and community better access to information (and resources) and build more transparent systems of decision-making. We need your help to make this happen. Let Esha & Amara know if […]

Introducing Our Venue Team

In the past, it’s been up to the event lead to book a venue for our spring and fall events. We hoped that event leads would have interesting ideas for venues and it freed up the Board to concentrate on more strategic activities. But we’ve come to realize that finding interesting venues is hard work […]

Edd goes to the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference

In April 2013, the Kindle Arts Society sponsored two of us to attend the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference in  Oakland, California..  It was a great event, with a lot learned, both on a personal level and on an events best practices level.  I can’t stress enough how useful the conference was, the time outside […]

Amara goes to the Global Leadership Conference

Edd and I went to San Francisco, home of Burning Man HQ, to attend this year’s Global Leadership Conference. The conference is dedicated to bringing together the movers and shakers of the Burnerverse to discuss best practices, new developments, and furthering collaboration in the many varied regions. There are a lot of people who are […]

The Burning Man Regional Leadership Summit

One of the first really difficult decisions we faced as a Board was whether to subsidize attending the Burning Man Regional Leadership Summit in San Francisco in March, 2012. I knew that the community could interpret going to San Francisco to hang out (read: sit in meetings all day) with other Burners as a reward. […]

Shenanigans’ Post-Summit Report:

 In April 2012, the Kindle Arts Society sponsored four of us to attend the Burning Man regional summit in  San Francisco.  It was a good event, with a lot learned, both on a personal level and on an events best practices level. I think it was definitely value for the money; certainly the breakouts and […]

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