Doarch Needed for Otherworld 2014

Who: Someone with great organizational skills and vision Deadline: Friday, February 21st before 11:59PM Event Date: July 3 to 6, 2014Application: KindleArts Multi-Day Event Proposal The Kindle Arts Society is looking for a visionary to lead Otherworld this summer! Submit your initial ideas via the application form by Friday, February 21st. Events are a collaborative […]

Doarch(s) Needed for Spring 2014 Event

Who: One or two leaders with good organization skills and vision Deadline: Sunday, December 15th before 11:59PM Event Date: To be set by the Board around the beginning of March, 2014How to Apply: Fill out the form below The Kindle Arts Society is looking for one or two visionaries to lead an event this spring! For past […]

Introducing Our Venue Team

In the past, it’s been up to the event lead to book a venue for our spring and fall events. We hoped that event leads would have interesting ideas for venues and it freed up the Board to concentrate on more strategic activities. But we’ve come to realize that finding interesting venues is hard work […]

Accepting Winter 2013 Art Grant Proposals

The Kindle Arts Society is now accepting art grant proposals for winter 2013 until October 25. Successful grant applicants will: Create the proposed art piece. Save receipts of materials and present copies of those receipts (of greater than or equal to the grant amount) by February 25th. Return funds if project is not completed. Have […]

Doarch for Fall 2013 Event Selected

On July 31, the Kindle Arts Society published a callout for Event Doarchs to lead a fall 2013 event. We are happy to announce that Charlotte Wood has been accepted as this fall’s event Doarch! The accepted event proposal is to create a 1-night variety show at the Victoria Event Centre called “PJ Planet”! Congratulations, […]

Doarch(s) Needed for Fall 2013 Event

Who: Anyone who has had the urge to run this event. Deadline: Friday, September 13th before 11:59PM Proposed Event Date: Around the beginning of NovemberApplication: KindleArts Single Day Event Proposal Form The Kindle Arts Society is looking for one or two visionaries to lead a single-night event this fall! The board is interested in receiving […]

Otherworld 2013: A thank-you from the Directors

The Kindle Arts Society would like to thank the production team who created Otherworld 2013: Patterns. This year’s event, held June 28-July 1, marked the society’s second event as a legally recognized organization and the most fantastic Otherworld to date! It takes an entire community to make it happen, but here are some of the […]

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