Birds aren’t Real.

Directors for the Kindle Arts Society are elected from the membership of the Kindle Arts Society. To be considered, greater than 50% of the attending Society membership must vote for candidate, and vacancies on the board are filled starting from the candidate with the greatest share of votes.

There are additional requirements set out by the Societies Act for Directors:

  • Directors have to be at least 18 years of age;
  • Directors cannot have been found by any court to be:
    • incapable of managing their own affairs;
    • be an undischarged bankrupt;
    • be convicted of an offence in connection with promotion, formation or management of a corporation or unincorporated entity, or of an offence involving fraud (subject to exceptions under section 44 of the Societies Act).

A more complete listing of what can disqualify a person from being a Director is available here.

In general, you can expect the commitments of being a director to work out to approximately one hundred hours per year to attend and contribute to the director’s meetings.



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