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Who: One or two leaders with good organization skills and vision
Deadline: Sunday, December 15th before 11:59PM
Event Date: To be set by the Board around the beginning of March, 2014
How to Apply: Fill out the form below

The Kindle Arts Society is looking for one or two visionaries to lead an event this spring!

For past spring events, one of the event lead’s most difficult jobs has been to find a suitable venue. We’re going to handle that for you by booking a venue with suitable space to set up a theme-camp style event like last year’s Kasbah. The venue may be booked for a day & evening or overnight.

Your responsibility will be determining how to use that venue, and recruiting and coordinating team leaders. We’re looking for expressions of interest – you don’t have to have your vision completely formed yet. Please read Information on Annual Event Proposals and fill out the proposal form below with whatever you’ve got by December 13.

Thanks for participating, we’re excited to see what you create,
The Kindle Arts Society Board of Directors

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What’s a Doarch?
If a monarch is (mon: a variant of “mono-” meaning “single,” or “one” used in the formation of compound words. -arch: a combining form meaning “chief, leader, ruler,” used in the formation of compound words: monarch; matriarch; heresiarch) a single ruler, and an oligarchy is the rule by a few… the Doarch is management by the person (or people) who do stuff! (The KindleArts Constitution requires that all projects be operated on a team-consensus basis, so doarch can refer to the team as a whole, or any person on that team). Apologies to Fletcher for stealing his word. Thanks to Uber for the reminder that the term doarch can be both plural and singular.

Doarch(s) Needed for Spring 2014 Event
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