WANTED: OW 2019 Event Coordinator

WANTED: OW 2019 Event Coordinator

Are you the next OW Event Coordinator?

Send us your event proposal now for Otherworld 2019!

Saturday, November 3, 2018, 4:00pm is the submission deadline for OW 2019 Event Coordinator Proposals.

KindleArts is looking for an Event Coordinator to facilitate production of our annual event. The date and venue are booked. We need YOUR spark and vision to make it happen.

Event details: 
Contact directors@kindlearts.ca for more information on the existing venue booking.
VENUE Laketown RanchLake Cowichan, BC
* Large outdoor location with some existing event infrastructure, a variety of open field spaces, parking, camping, and trails for use. KindleArts has an existing relationship with Laketown Ranch from a previous Otherworld event, and is building a long-term relationship with this site.
DATES Tentatively June 20 – 24, 2019

Event Leadership structure

The KindleArts Event Leadership structure follows an inclusive, decentralized model, making it easier for you to step into a leadership role.

What does this mean if I want to produce an event?

If you have an idea for an event and are interested in stepping into a leadership role:

This role is linchpin, keystone, foundation, cornerstone, centre, and heart of the event. The Event Coordinator will coordinate a team of departmental Associate Producers, who, in turn, coordinate a set of Team Leads. The Event Coordinator is just that, a coordinator and a facilitator.

What does this mean for the Event Coordinator/YOU?

While the Event Coordinator role has many responsibilities, they will also have an entire team to support them with the event planning process. This means that whether you have participated in event leadership teams before, or whether it’s your first time and you are keen to gain valuable experience, you’ll have a support system behind you in the form of an entire Event Leadership Team as well as the KindleArts Board of Directors, and a wealth of event production history and documentation to draw upon.

What if I want to join the Event Leadership Team in another role?

The Event Coordinator is responsible for putting the event leadership team together. Here is a way to show your interest in joining the team as either Associate Producer or Team Lead before the Event Coordinator is selected!

This Expression of Interest form is just to note who is interested in what role, for the Event Coordinator’s information. Please add your name here if you are interested in an Associate Producer or a Team Lead position, and your response will be passed on to the Event Coordinator. The Event Coordinator is not restricted to using this form, but will follow up with you if they are trying to fill the role you are interested in.