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Kindle AGM (Annual General Meeting)

September 26, 2020

Kindle Arts AGM details – Saturday Sept 26, 2020 – 2pm – 4pm

Due to the COVID reality of 2020, this year’s AGM will take place online via Google Meet. Click through for details….

Annual Report

What happened this year?

This is the link to download and read the Kindle Arts 2020 Annual report. You will find the detailed yearly directors reports including the Chair, Treasurer, Website, Grants and Events report, as well as detailed financial reports. Please take a look before the AGM, we will provide a summary of this and answer any questions during the AGM.

AGM Joining Info

AGM Rules and Moderator

For this AGM, Hiltz will be acting as moderator. He will be monitoring the chat and recognizing speakers before they speak. IF YOU WISH TO SPEAK AT THE AGM YOU MUST FIRST BE RECOGNIZED BY HILTZ!!! The smooth flow of the AGM depends on our ability to take turns, be kind, and be patient. Hiltz is the ONLY person who should interrupt a presenter. You may ask a question in the text chat, or ask to speak in the text chat, or attempt to gain the attention of Hiltz by raising your hand. At all other times, your microphone should be muted.

Some people have gained a lot of experience in virtual meetings due to the ‘Rona. For others, this is totally new. We would ask patience and compassion for all as we navigate this situation.

Voting at the AGM

Voting will take place via SimplyVoting, it is a well-known online voting system developed in Canada and used by a wide-range of organizations in Canada and in the world.

Members in good standing will be emailed mid-week their access to the platform. You can access the platform before the AGM, but voting there will only be open during the time of the meeting.

NOTE: Check your email! If you have not received anything, please contact us as soon as possible. You must be a member in good standing in order to vote for the board of directors, or to vote on any motion from the floor. Are you a member? Fill this form if you are unsure.

Agenda of the AGM

  1. Call to order
  2. Approve agenda
  3. Approve minutes from previous AGM
  4. Chair report
  5. Nominees biographies
  6. Treasurer report
  7. Election – online
  8. Events and teams reports
  9. Result of the election
  10. Townhall

Candidates List

Below are the candidates running for election for the 2020/2021 board of directors:

Liam Lavelle / ICU

I have deep historical knowledge of Kindle Arts Society having served on the board for five terms. I have been instrumental in developing Kindle Arts policy over the years including putting the C of consent in SPARC. I am an entrepreneur and have been a business owner/operator for 27 years. My background is in fine and performing arts with a bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University. I have served on four other boards related to performing arts and arts development in Vancouver. I am passionate about community art and the developmental opportunities that are possible for people within the culture of Kindle Arts events. I am committed to the ongoing development and betterment of the infrastructures that support Kindle Arts Society.

Chris Marks / Hazard

I have had the opportunity to serve and give back to this community a few times as a Board member, Art Grants, and Co-Producer/Volunteer, and Community member. I am thankful for the teachable moments, and apologize for past errors. I vow to apply everything I have learned to work for and listen to the members of Kindle.

Our community is World Class, and I believe in keeping on course with Kindle Arts Society’ original mission as a Community vehicle to empower us. Building capacity, rewarding volunteers not consuming them, planning long term and keeping us viable, responsive, and safe are my goals.

We create magic, I have learned my gift is helping create space for that to unfold, I’m not a great painter, musician, dancer, or poet; I can help out in the logistics so you all can do what you do so well…

I’d like to share that gift with you ( And super clean portos at events 😉 )

Thank you!

Dee Hall 

I have been involved in the Burning Man Community in some capacity since 2011, including organizing variety shows, producing events (Prom Decom, WTF) and before the cancelation of Otherworld was leading the finance department.

I have a BA in political science from the University of Victoria, and currently am completing a post degree diploma in accounting and finance from Camosun college to gain entry into the CPA program to become a designated accountant. I have been working in accounting and finance for over 5 years, and have also done bookkeeping for other local non profits.

Over the past year, I have been working behind the scenes to support Liam (the current treasurer) in helping us to implement financial structures that will serve us well into the future, including getting a printable cheque system to streamline the work of the treasurer, organizing 7 years of historical data into Quickbooks online, and creating an accounting system that easily allows us to break out expenses by event to make financial planning easier.

Through this process, I’ve uncovered many areas in which we can improve as a society to minimize our financial risk and exposure, ensure our post event financial reports are more accurate, and be able to have a better understanding of our financial standing for the future.

However, much of what I would like to contribute requires being a board member, and I know that the skills I have to offer will help the society function better and reduce the workload of future treasurers.

Mike Jackson / Uh-oh

I’ve been in the Burnerverse and attending events and otherworld since early 2012. I would like this chance to give back to my community and help lead and provide my insights, while giving my time and commitment to a project and group that has given much to us.

Heather Leedham

Hello I am Heather, I love art, and I love creating extraordinary community spaces that enable everyone to be safe, ecstatically happy, and radically expressive and creative. I will do whatever I can to empower creative ideas even if it means sitting in meetings with amazing and like minded people to sort out the logistics of where you are going to piss while partying! I was at the earliest meetings to create Kindle, and wish to see it continue to inspire the artist and creative being in everyone!

Courtney Lancaster / Humbull sage

Hello! Being part of the regional burner community events in the past has really brought more purpose to my life. I love being involved and helping with decisions, listening to what’s going on and having input. I’m happy with whatever decision comes for the AGM this weekend. Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful selves.

Edward White / Stockpot

I’ve been a participant in Otherworld since 2015, and am known by some of you for my gentle and caring approach to culinary abuse. I’m quiet and thoughtful and interested in serving our society in terms of encouraging acculturation, participation, and bringing a greater variety of interactive art (performances, installations, workshops, theme camps).

John McNeely / Cameo

I’m a wordsmith, ritual artist and chaos orchestrator with a passion for leaving no trace, not even dangling modifiers or superfluous commas. If you elect me Director of Communications, you can expect Kindle info to arrive in style and rhymes to arrive right on time. I scatter newsletters in my wake and roll blogs like your eyes at this simile. Vote Cameo, receive the freshest prose in your inbox.

B. Lorne Cole

Not sure what to say, I will do my best in whatever role, have SKA’s suitable to take on various roles, 5 Years participant, three years theme Camp Organizer, Tech Degrees in Business Mgmt., Journalism, Multimedia Design and Communications, 3 yrs BFA Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD), e-business and e-commerce specialist, former programs manager, curriculum developer, and instructor SAIT ICT. Other than that I love our community and will strive to keep it a live and well and look forward to seeing you all again.

Jacqueline Kittel / Jacq Creatrix

My name is Jacq and I am a performer, a flow artist, a fire spinner, an event organizer, and an activist. I am the manager of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club and I am dedicated to advancing the rights of patients to access cannabis medicine. In 2018 I graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelors Degree and a Major in Gender Studies. I am also a lead and the treasurer for the Fern Burn Club, our local fire spinning collective.

I am also a new burner. I had the privilege of attending two Otherworlds and I was fortunate to be able to visit the playa for the first time last summer. Since my introduction, I have taken a dive into our regional burner community. I volunteered to help run Burn in the City this year. I have organized Halloween events with our fire spinning troupe as well as a big fundraiser with my Gender Studies course union. This year I stepped up and helped produce a leadership structure for the Fern Burn Club to create better decision making systems. I have the passion, the capacity, and the experience to help advance Kindle Arts’ reputation as an effective and fun organization that benefits our community.

Nathan Sorochan / Snap turtle

We need more community support

It’s there. People want to help.


Do you have any topic you would like to add to the agenda?

Please submit your suggested agenda or townhall items using this form.

Become a Director

Kindle Arts Society needs you!

The society is 100% volunteer run, and there are new opportunities to get involved. We’re better when we’re together. All board positions (chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer, and communications) are up for election, and as of this writing (sept 19) there is one (ONE!) candidate! This simply won’t do. Time to step up. Nominate yourself here: https://forms.gle/QqfYXjv5nnFBdrZu5

Got questions? The 2020 Annual Report may provide you some insights. Also check our website. And feel free to email us at directors@kindlearts.ca

Current candidates

The list of candidates and their bio will be distributed to members via email on the morning of the AGM. The absolute deadline for nominations is Friday September 25 – the night before the AGM.


While anyone may attend, only society members can vote at the AGM. If you were a member in good standing in 2019, you are still a member for 2020! And if you volunteered on the production team for Happy Burnday! 2019 or Otherworld 2020, you are also a member. Not sure? Fill this form ASAP! Asking immediately before or during the AGM may not work, so help us deal with this NOW 🙂

Annual Report

What happened this year?

This is the link to download and read the Kindle Arts 2020 Annual report. You will find the detailed yearly directors reports including the Chair, Treasurer, Website, Grants and Events report, as well as detailed financial reports. Please take a look before the AGM, we will provide a summary of this and answer any questions during the AGM.

See you soon at the online AGM on Saturday, September, 26th at 2pm!

Board of Directors
Kindle Arts Society



September 26, 2020
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