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The Kindle Arts Society hosts three annual events per year which provide artists with an opportunity to share thier work and creativity. For each of these events, the KindleArts Board of Directors will put our a request for proposals. The person who submits the winning proposal will be selected as the event leader.

Our three annual events are:

  • Fall Event (Prom Decom 2012)
  • Spring Event (Carnivale 2009- 2012)
  • Summer Event (Otherworld 2009- 2012)

Please note that KindleArts is also open to proposals for new and unique events which support our mission, as long as they’re not too close to the dates of our primary events. Please read about Special Event Proposals here.

Event Requirements

If you would like to produce one of KindleArts’ annual events, please read the mandatory event requirements below. All events produced by KindleArts must meet these requirements.

KindleArts events must be:

  • operated for the benefit of the society and it’s members as a whole.
  • operated by an event lead to be selected by and reporting to the KindleArts Board of Directors
  • staffed by a team of unpaid volunteers. Limited paid staff such as medical, security, and bar staff is acceptable. However, there will be no free tickets to anyone including the event lead, volunteers, and performers.
  • participation-based, where all attendees are invited to contribute to the operation of the event
  • focussed on art, preferably in multiple forms, in alignment with the mission of the Kindle Arts Society
  • operated in accordance with the society’s Operating Principles
  • guided by the Society Values
  • compliant with all local laws
  • show a small profit, which will be used to support the goals of the society

Selection Process

  1. Call out for proposals published: The callout will include specific event criteria and a proposal submission deadline.While proposals are being sent in, the Board may ask the applicant(s) to clarify points of their proposal. It is in your best interest to submit your proposal early and open a dialogue.
  2. Proposal deadline expires: After the deadline for new proposals passes, no new proposals will be accepted.
  3. Question week begins: Following the deadline for new proposals, the Kindle Arts Board of Directors will ask and answer additional questions from the applicants for one week. Answers will be shared with all applicants and be used to create a Frequently Asked Questions document. Applicants will have an opportunity to update their proposals throughout this week.
  4. Question week ends: Once the question period has expired, the board will not accept changes to the proposals.
  5. Proposal reviews begin: The board will review the proposals using the Event Proposal Selection criteria listed below.
  6. Proposal is selected: By the end of one week, the board will have selected the winning event proposal.
  7. Applicants notified: Applicants will be informed of the selected proposal via email.
  8. Selected proposal announced: The name ofthe event lead who submitted the winning proposal will be announced the next day.

Event Proposal Selection Criteria

When answering a call out for event proposals, please be aware that this is a collaborative process. Applicants may be asked to work with the Board or with other applicants to create a successful event. For example, the board may be really enthused by your idea, but would like to see it as a part of a larger event.

Your application should show:

  • that you are prepared to meet the challenges of operating the event
  • an understanding of the needs, abilities, and limitations of the community
  • an ability to work collaboratively, with the board, as well as event leads and volunteers
  • uniqueness and creativity. Make us excited to attend and contribute

Submitting Your Proposal

If you have an idea for an event and you would like to produce it under the KindleArts organizational umbrella, please read the documents below and please tell us about your idea by submitting either the single or multi-day event proposal form.

Proposal Deadlines for 2013

  • Forthcoming
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