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WHEN: Saturday, May 5, 2018
WHERE: Centennial Square (downtown Victoria, BC)

I.M.B.Y (In My Backyard) is a one day, free, participatory, public arts event! Happening in downtown Victoria at Centennial Square on May 5, 2018, this event is free, open, inclusive and a great opportunity to bring a taste of the local Burning Man culture to our larger community in Victoria.

Bring your art, your workshops or interactive activity, or bring a theme camp. If you don’t have art, join one of the volunteer teams! 


How can I get involved?
IMBY is 100% volunteer run and driven including the event organizers, volunteer team leads, performers and artists. If the community doesn’t volunteer, the event doesn’t happen!

– Find out more and connect with the community via the Facebook event.

Who is putting on this event?
This is a KindleArts event ( Megan Will and Heather Conquergood are the organizers.

Will there be fire?
There will be a fire performance from 9:15 pm to 9:45 pm, but no flame effects or effigy at this time.

Can I hand out business cards? Sponsor the event?
This event follows the Ten Principles, including decommodification and gifting. You can serve food, bring art or do a performance, but you can’t have visible logos, hand out materials or advertise in other ways. See more:

Can I get an art grant?
KindleArts has an art grant cycle from February 1 to March 15. See more info here:

The IMBY event registration form for art and theme camps closes April 14 at noon.
– Apply here:

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