Fill with ballast before using.

Ticket sales and transfers closed.
WHEN: June 28-July 1
Shawnigan Lake, BC (exact location to be announced to ticket holders only)
PRICE: $95
THEME: Patterns
Otherworld is the official regional event for the Victoria Burning Man community. Otherworld is a participation required event, held approximately 1.5 hours outside Victoria. It features art and performances of all kinds, brought by YOU! The event itself provides essential services and participation grants, facilitating the canvas on the event that YOU CREATE!


We would like to thank you in advance for supporting the KindleArts 2013 summer event, Otherworld! When you purchase your ticket online you will be given an opportunity to support this event by lending your time as a volunteer. We welcome workshops, performers, event support, displays of art, and much more!


Patterns surround us, from the repeating geometric shapes hinted at in the texture of the desert floor, to the mathematical progression implied in the curve of a snail’s shell. We can observe patterns through taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound. Patterns in science, mathematics, or language may be observed through the analytic power of our minds.

Think about some of the patterns that affect your life every single day. The sound of your keys jingling, the smell of your hairspray in the morning, the routine of feeding your dog. Almost everything that we do is ingrained in some kind of pattern. What are your patterns?

Otherworld 2013 provides you with the opportunity to play with these patterns. In particular, it offers a chance to experiment with the patterns that form your life, that guide you and bind you. Will you reinforce the pattern? Or will you break it?

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