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June 22-25, 2018
Laketown RanchLake Cowichan

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Congratulations, you’ve found Xanadu!


The clouds are clearing, patterns appearing, and we see the potential for great beauty ahead.

Xanadu is an idyllic place of magnificence and wonder, enshrined in folklore yet very real. Join us again for the first time, our tenth anniversary in a brand new forest kingdom!

Accounts of Xanadu from Marco Polo inspired a Coleridge poem (after some opium) about Kubla Khan and his stately pleasure-dome. ABBA has sang of it and authors from classy to trashy have written of its virtues and vices.

Important About

This event is not a party, rave, or a festival in the traditional sense of the word. The key difference between those and this event is, following the principle of de-commodification, nobody’s making any money or realizing any benefit here. All ‘staff’ are volunteers, and revenues surplus to event operational costs go back into the society to fund arts grants and other society programs. This small but important distinction is what sets this event apart from the multitude of others that happen every summer, and creates a unique environment where a participatory community of artistic expression is the goal rather than a commerce-driven consumer experience.

Come build Xanadu for the 10th anniversary of Otherworld.
Invite friends! Bring your Art, Theme Camp, Art Car, Sound Camp, that thing you made, that thing you do! We have room for you!

(If it is a flame effect please let the Fire Art Safety Team know before use onsite)

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If your child needs to bring their friend, we have a waiver for you to bring to gate. It should cover what legal needs without violating privacy.

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Burning Man?

Otherworld is the Vancouver Island Regional Burning Man Event. Learn about the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

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Kindle Arts Society?

This event is a fundraiser for, and produced by Kindle Arts Society and its members, you.

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Why the fire? Why the Burning?

“Every other creature on earth runs from fire. As humans, we have mastered fire; we play with fire, safely. This unique feature is one of the deepest, most primal expressions of humanity, it is why we do what we do.”


Ok ok, maybe one other species uses fire.


Photos by Lukasz Szczepanski

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