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Kindle Arts Society typically hosts several events per year.

Otherworld happens every year, and is operated by a production group, many of whom are repeat, veteran organizers. Because it is an established event, with a known template and many guiding hands, we recommend joining the Otherworld production to gain experience, exposure to the culture, and mentorship.

For events that aren’t Otherworld, the Kindle Arts Board of Directors will put out a request, or “Callout” for proposals.

KindleArts is also open to proposals for new and unique events which support our mission, as long as they’re not too close to the dates of our primary events.

Example of past events include:

  • Fall Event (Prom Decom 2012, PJ Planet 2013, Portraits in Fur 2014, Brave New Whirled 2017, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 2018)
  • Spring Event (Carnivale 2009 – 2012, Springle 2016, In My Backyard 2018)

Historically, Kindle Arts operated a process of issuing callouts for the Otherworld event, but discontinued that between 2018 and 2019, as Otherworld transitioned to a multi-producer production group, and established a new process suited to the complexity of organizing an event at Otherworld’s scale.

Event Proposal Requirements

Please note: due to the pandemic and other factors, it’s been literal years since the last time we have posted a callout. The information that follows hasn’t been reviewed for accuracy in sometime, and may be best understood as a rough guide to what we may look for in a future proposal.

If you would like to coordinate a KindleArts event, please read the event requirements below. All events produced by KindleArts must meet these requirements.

KindleArts events are:

  • Operated for the benefit of the society and its members as a whole.
  • Produced by a team of unpaid volunteers.
    – Limited paid staff such as medical, security, and bar staff is acceptable.
  • Paid for by everyone who attends a ticketed event. At ticketed events there are no free (“compd”) tickets to anyone. This includes the event leadership, volunteers, and performers
  • Participation-based, where all attendees are invited to contribute to the operation of the event.
  • Focused on art, preferably in multiple forms, in alignment with the mission of the KindleArts Society.
  • Operated in accordance with the society’s Operating Principles.
  • Guided by the Society Values.
  • Compliant with all applicable laws.
  • Incorporates knowledge and design aesthetic as found on the Kindle Arts Branding Guidelines page.
  • Ideally generate a surplus of revenues after expenses are paid, which will be used to support the goals of the society.

Kindle arts will supply:

  • Technology and financial systems, including budget templates
  • Initial funding in an amount that is viable for the organization
  • Assistance negotiating contracts with a venue if required

Selection Process

  1. Callout for proposals published: The callout will include specific event criteria and a proposal submission deadline.
  2. Proposal deadline expires: Deadlines are firm. No new proposals will be accepted after the due date.
  3. Proposal reviews begin: The board will review the proposals using the Event Proposal Selection criteria listed below. The board may seek clarification or may choose to interview you to better understand your process and/or application.
  4. Proposal is selected.
  5. Applicants notified.
  6. Selected proposal and Event Coordinator announced.

Event Proposal Selection Criteria

When answering a callout for event proposals, please keep in mind that this is a collaborative process. Applicants may be asked to work with the board, or with other applicants to create a successful event. For example, the board may be really enthused by your idea, but feel it would work better as a part of a larger event.

Your application must show:

  • That you are prepared to meet the challenges of operating the event.
  • That you have read previous event Afterburn reports and are willing to improve an event by considering the feedback of previous Event Leadership teams.
  • An understanding of the needs, abilities, and limitations of the community.
  • An ability to work collaboratively with the Board, as well as Associate Producers, Team Leads, volunteers, security, medical, and other event staff.
  • Uniqueness and creativity. Make us excited to attend and contribute!

The following qualities are highly valued by the Board of Directors and will influence the event leadership selection process:

  1. Inspiring : A leader inspires others.
  2. Collaborative : A leader collaborates with all key-stakeholders on any issue.
  3. Actively Listening and Communicating : A leader actively listens to others’ ideas and communicates timely and important information.
  4. Accountable : A leader is accountable, reliable and follows-through on commitments.
  5. Self-Aware : A leader is self-aware of their abilities, development, and communication.
  6. Patient : A leader is patient with themselves and others.
  7. Appreciative : A leader shows appreciation to everyone who contributed to a particular project or idea.
  8. Acts with Integrity : A leader has personal integrity and is honest, ethical and professional.
  9. Emotionally Intelligent : A leader is in touch with their emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values and goals and recognizes their impact on others. An emotionally intelligent leader also displays empathy for others.
  10. Comfortable in the Gray Areas : A leader has the ability to navigate issues that do not have a clear-cut solution by using intuition, collaboration and mindfulness.
  11. Looks for Greatest Benefit vs. The Immediate Goal : A leader is focused on the maximum benefit for the community, as opposed to personal or short-term gains.
  12. Perceives the Big Picture : A leader is focused on seeing the largest possible perspective of any particular project, and communicates this vision to others on the team.
  13. Leads by Example : A leader is someone who leads by example, and is not afraid to get their hands dirty in the process.
  14. Leaves Ego Behind : A leader acts in service to our community rather than for person gain.
  15. Open to New Ideas : A leader is someone who is open to new ideas.
  16. Curious : A leader suspends assumptions and judgment and brings inquiry and curiosity into everything they do.
  17. Fun: A leader knows how to make work fun for everyone involved.

If you have an idea for an event or are interested in being an Event Coordinator, please review the role description. Event Production and leadership experience in this role is preferred but not always necessary.

To submit an application to be an Event Coordinator with any event, please submit an event application. 

Recommended Event Leadership Organization Chart for Event

The purpose of this chart is to decentralize decision-making, to encourage more inclusive event organization, and to empower each Associate Producer and Team Lead to lead collaboratively and creatively. The Event Coordinator serves as a hub for all departments.

The Board of Directors recognizes that each event is unique and some roles may be expanded or collapsed when needed. The decision to collapse or delete a role for an event must be made in consultation with the Board of Directors.

A person may apply to and hold more than one role within the Event Leadership team. However, in order to limit volunteer burnout, to grow leadership skills in our community, and to encourage diversity and inclusive decision-making, some restrictions are necessary. The Event Coordinator may not hold more than one leadership role. A KindleArts Board Member is limited to volunteering within a team or holding a Team Lead role, and is excluded from holding an Associate Producer or Event Coordinator role. An Associate Producer may only be a Team Lead within their own department.

If you are interested in a different role within the Event Leadership team each event requires Associate Producers and Team Leads. Read about the different roles available.
We are always seeking people who are interested in becoming a member of our Event Leadership teams. If you’d like to apply, please submit your expression of interest. No experience is necessary!

Email the directors with any questions, for help navigating this process, or to get connected with a community of experienced event organizers!
If you  have a great idea that needs to be brought to the world, and can see how you can make it happen with the details above, congratulations!
Click here to to a part of our Event Leadership Team


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