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Want to help gift InterPlay to your community? We need volunteers for the following jobs. If you’re interested in having a conversation about any of these positions, email

Design the Website

Expected effort: one dozen hours and maybe a bit more as time goes on


  • configure a WordPress site (we have WordPress hosting so that’s our preference unless you can make a compelling reason why we should do something else)

  • develop a suitable theme and plugins

  • help us if we break it (we know our way around WordPress, but sometimes custom themes are fragile)

What you’ll write in your portfolio: “Designed website for (soon to be) well-known local festival.”

Manage a Crowdfunding Campaign

Expected effort: dozens of hours over two months


  • recruit people to produce a video

  • coordinate production of written content

  • set up crowdfunding platform

  • promote campaign on social media

  • answer funder questions and other miscellaneous tasks

What you’ll write on your resume: “Managed successful crowdfunding campaign for local non-profit exceeding funding targets by 100%.”

Coordinate Volunteers

Expected effort: thirty minutes per week leading up to the event, some work all day of the event


  • work with techies to set up volunteer application on website

  • engage volunteers when they sign up

  • help team leads schedule volunteers

  • motivate and manage volunteers during the event

  • optional: whatever ideas you have for volunteer appreciation

What you’ll write on your resume: “Managed recruitment and placement of over 80 volunteers for local non-profit festival.”

Do Media Relations

Expected effort: one-to-two dozen hours before the event


  • write a press release for website

  • respond to media requests

  • act as spokesperson in interviews or coordinate interviews for event leads

What you’ll write on your resume: “Managed media and public relations for (soon to be) well-known local arts festival.”

Coordinate Art Support (2 people needed)

Expected effort: two-to-three dozen hours before event, sporadic work during event


  • work with techies to set up placement application on website

  • work with event leads to write guide for installation artists

  • respond to artist questions

  • plan placement

  • show artists placement during set-up

  • be the first point of contact for artist issues during event

  • give status reports to event leads before event and write up lessons learned after event

  • optional: coordinate shared infrastructure as demand and budget allows

What you’ll write on your resume: “Curated and supported artists for (soon to be) well-known local arts festival.”

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