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WHEN: Saturday, March 30
WHERE: The RCMP Barn Saanich Fairgrounds, 1528 Stellys Cross Road, Saanichton, BC
PRICE: $25 19+ years, $10 10-19 years old, $5 0-10 years old

Come to Kasbah for a middle-eastern style bazaar of tents, alight with lanterns! This all-ages event will replicate the “tent-city” aspect of the Burning Man festival, including theme tents provided by participants, art, workshops, performances and more.

Randomness is greatly encouraged. Perform when you want and where you want randomly (there are tons of electrical sockets).



We would like to thank you in advance for supporting the KindleArts 2013 spring event, Kasbah! When you purchase your ticket online you will be given an opportunity to support this event by lending your time as a volunteer. We welcome workshops,performers, event support, displays of art, and much more!


All KindleArts event are 100% participant driven. When you register to attend, please choose one of the volunteer options! Remember your strengths and show them off to the community through volunteering!


Contribute a workshop to Kasbah! Contact the KindleArts Academy ( and help to provide some interesting daytime activities!


  • Performance tent: Register to perform in the performance tent by registered your attendance to Kasbah! When you get your ticket, there’s a place on the form to request a performance slot! If you’re already registered, contact! And don’t forget, you can also do a random performance anywhere you like (just help yourself to any unused electrical socket, if you need one!).
  • Theme Tents: Community members will be invited to bring theme tents (contact! Bring your favourite theme camp to Kasbah!
  • 19+ Area: Worried about children cramping your style? Don’t be, there will be a strictly 19+ area (flail zone?) for you to take refuge in and minors must have their ticket bought for them by an adult; wear a veil if you are really paranoid! Partition walls will be used to create a 19+ area within the barn.
  • Gifting Tree: bring a gift, take a gift, or both!
  • Food: More information on this to come!


  • Art Proposals: If you want to create art, you can gert funded at Kasbah. Here’s how: pre-register your project ( and bring a prototype! Kasbah attendees will give you tokens. After the event you will receive your share of the art budget based on the number of tokens you recieve. Registration is open until noon, March 15, 2013.
  • Pre-approved art grants: You can also request one of our quarterly art grants. See the art grants section of our website ( for more information.
  • Bring your own art: Every KindleArts event is a temporary art gallery that we create together by sharing our art. You don’t need to create new art for each event – if you have a masterpiece that you made and you love, please consider sharing it at Kasbah! Or make a piece specifically for Kasbah if you wish!

What to bring

  • Photo ID. When you register to attend Kasbah, you must register with your legal name matching your photo id. Your photo id is your ticket! You will also need your ID to prove you are 19+ if you’d like to buy drinks at the cash bar.
  • Warm costumes! Kasbah is hosted inside a barn but it is March so it will be chilly! It is fun to wear costumes, but please remember to dress warmly.
  • Safe transportation. Bus service will end before Kasbah, so you need to arrange a designated driver! Transport is your responsibility! There will be no shuttle bus. Have a ride to Kasbah? Need a ride to Kasbah? Use this helpful designated driver database to hook people up for rides (be kind and share gas $) and for those that want to share cabs too. Do not drink and drive!

  • Food. Kasbah is a 12hour event! Make sure to bring food to eat and share! Access to running water will also be provided.

Respect our neighbours

Saanich Fairgrounds is a new venue for Kindle Arts events and we want to leave a good impression. There are houses (only a few) at the back of the fairgrounds, leave as quietly at 1am as possible. There is lots of parking to the right as you enter the Fairgrounds, so there is no need to park on the road or block any driveways.

Leave no trace!

You are part of the clean-up crew from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave the event. Please pick up any trash, paper, cups and parts of costumes lost throughout the event. Properly sort trash into the recycling bins/ lost & found during the event. Please pick up all cigarette butts too!! Nobody wants a huge clean up the morning after the night before so the more we do during the event the better the hangovers will be!

If you’re an early riser, return bright and early Sunday morning to help us leave Saanich Fairgrounds cleaner than we found it! You will be rewarded with coffee, doughnuts and hugs. Bring gloves, brooms and plastic bags. Even if you just come for 30mins, many hands make light work!


For the first time at Kasbah, the Kindle Arts Society will be conduction community-driven art grants, called Artopoly. This is a chance for the community to recognize Artists and Makers and give them funding directly! The Artopoly program is an experiment that will be conducted along with KindleArts’ usual quarterly art grants program. Artists will be allowed to request Artopoly and quarterly art grants (special restrictions apply to quarterly art grants).

Here is how Artopoly works:

  1. Pre-register your project by emailing Natalie Gregory ( by noon on March 15th (no late submissions accepted).
  2. Emailing your written artist’s statement (200 words or less) to Natalie Gregory ( by noon on March 17th (late submissions will be disqualified).
  3. Bring an optional visual representation of your proposed at (a large poster, drawing, prototype) to Kasbah on March 30th (you must purchase a ticket to the event!). We will be creating an on-site gallery composed of all the proposed art projects. We will place a sealed ballot box (labelled with your artist’s statement) next to your representation.
  4. Greeters will give every Kasbah attendee $5 in Artopoly ballots when they enter the event.
  5. Ballot boxes will be collected at 11:30 pm at Kasbah. The Art Grants team will count the ballots and the winners will be announced at approximately 12:30 AM.

Important details:

  1. Artists will receive a proportionate amount of the total available Artopoly funding, based on the total number of Artopoly ballots placed in the ballot boxes. For example, if you get 13% of the Artopoly ballots, then you will get 13% of the available funds.
  2. KindleArts will not keep any of the Artopoly funding.
  3. Artopoly grant recipients will be required to submit receipts equal to the total funding received within three months of receiving the funding or when the project is done, whichever comes first. Artopoly recipients who do not submit reciepts will be disqualified from future participation. If more time is needed to submit receipts, the recipient may request an extension in writing from the Art Grant Team. Go make Art!
  4. To recieve Artopoly funding, all artists must agree to have photos taken of the concept art AND the final art. The Kindle Arts Society will use these photos to promote the society. The artist’s name may be withheld (or a pseudonym may be used) upon the artist’s request.
  5. Art grant voting recipients are not specifically required bring their art project to another KindleArts event. However, we hope you will bring your art to share with us!
  6. Buckets will be collected at 11:30 pm by the art grant committee and counted; the results will be announced at 12:30 AM.
  7. Potential recipients must register with Natalie Gregory by March 15th; there will be no submissions accepted at the event that have not pre registered.
  8. Artopoly money may not be used for food or bar purchases.
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