Lights Out Art Grants

$5 from each Lights Out ticket will go directly to fund art. When you buy your ticket, you’ll receive a link that lets you choose which projects get your $5.

If you have an idea for a project that you’d like to nominate for funding, fill out the form below. You can submit projects after tickets have gone on sale, but people who have already bought tickets will not be able to choose your project, so hurry up!

“Art” will be interpreted loosely. Since this event will happen in a pitch-black room, the art should focus on touch and sound. Think texture, sound, sensation, and movement. It should be able to withstand rough handling. Light-producing objects are forbidden.

Funding is used to reimburse projects for material costs, not time or tools. You will be required to submit receipts (or photos of receipts) within two weeks after the event. Any funding your project receives beyond the requested amount will be redistributed to other projects.

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