Fill with ballast before using.

This event takes place in featureless room made as dark as possible. There will be chill spaces and cozy places to rest, as well as space stand, walk, and play. Gate and washrooms are in the dimly lit lobby. Everything else is up to you.


If you produce light of any kind it ruins the event for everyone. No LEDs, cell phones, lighters, glowsticks, etc.

Please leave sensory aids at home and participate on a level playing field. Though nightvision goggles were permitted in the past, it had a chilling effect on other participant’s self expression.

Participants must provide all entertainment. Just as the Playa is a blank slate for visual expression, this is a blank slate for auditory and tactile expression. Dress in your favourite texture. Bring art that is interesting to touch or makes noise. Bring something strange and random you found just to confuse people. Use your voice to make art. Play sensation games. Give weird gifts.

Contributions of blankets, pillows, inflatables and foamies are encouraged. Set up begins at 6:30 and lights go out at 9:00. If you have something you would like to contribute to help soften the space, please contact us. The Department of Public Works can arrange to pick up objects before the event if you are unable to attend early.


Two Rangers will be stationed in the room. One will be by the door, to help guide you out. The Rangers will have flashlights to use if necessary. (At previous events the Rangers have had “toy” nightvision goggles that weren’t actually effective – they’re not going to bother with them at this event.)

The Rangers are unable to provide much support without disrupting the event. Be assertive and radically self-reliant. Feel free to keep a flashlight in your pocket, but please don’t turn it on unless your personal safety is threatened.


By attending this event you consent to accidental touching. But everyone must get explicit consent before intentional touching – without being able to read body language, only a spoken “yes” means yes.

If you are touched without your consent, you should firmly tell the person that’s not okay and person persists, call out for a Ranger. If necessary, the Rangers will turn on the lights to maintain a safe atmosphere.

Radical Self-reliance

It’s easy to lose things in the dark. Anything you need should be attached to you – get your mom to sew your mittens to your sweater. Don’t bring in anything you can’t afford to lose and label objects with your name.

This is a mentally taxing environment. Prepare yourself for the possibility of disorientation and claustrophobia. Come with friends who can provide support if necessary.

Leave No Trace

Anything you drop or spill cannot be cleaned up during the event and will be in the way of other people. Do not bring glass or other breakables. All beverages should be in travel mugs, baby bottles or other spill-proof containers. Do not bring messy food.

If you generate any trash you must hold onto it – if your outfit does not have pockets you should have a Matter Out Of Place bag.

Radical Self-expression

Yes, we all know one activity you can do in the dark, but you’re more creative than that, right?

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