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WHEN: Saturday, March 17, 2018 (9am – 4pm)
WHERE: The Fisgard Forum (845 Fisgard Street, Victoria BC)
REGISTRATION: Register Now! (Limited Seating)

This is happening because Kindle Arts Society members are making it happen! Join us in learning to share your vision, and have others join you! This leadership summit will be a full day of knowledge sharing and getting excited about upcoming projects, including:

  • Discovering the challenges that big projects face
  • Learning tips and tricks to building cohesion and strong teams
  • Discovering the tools to make magic on the Playa

Summit Agenda

  • Opening
    • 8:30am – Refreshments; Meet and greet
    • 9:00am: Welcome; Ground Rules; What is leadership?
  • Morning Speakers
    • 9:10am: Amy Hurst – “Authentic Relating,” Let’s kick-off with some immediacy!
    • 9:30am: Paul Krismer – “Joyful Leadership,” Using the science of positive psychology to get results
    • 10:20am: Ryan, Magpie! – Themecamps: Building structures to herd the kittens
    • 11:10am: Jimbo and Brady – Big art: Your dream is on the other side of the Rainbow!
  • Lunch
    • 11:45am: Break for lunch, meal not provided. (Sizzling Tandoor is offering a lunch buffet special!)
  • Afternoon Speakers
    • 1:00pm: Megan ‘Betty B’ Will – Regional Events, or “How I learned to stop the burnout and love the process”
    • 1:50pm: Jane Culprit – “Camp or Cult?”: Branding, fundraising and making shit happen in the burnerverse
    • 2:40pm: Alaya Boisvert – “The Trojan Horse”: Leading a horse to the desert and watching it burn: a fifty ton tale
  • Upcoming Events
    • 3:30pm: Megan ‘Betty B’ Will and Heather Conquergood – IMBY Presentation
    • 3:40pm: Chris Marks – Otherworld Presentation
  • Closing
    • 3:50pm: Amara – Close out, final thoughts


What should I bring with me to get the most out of this leadership summit?
– Refreshments (coffee, tea, snacks) will be provided. Bring your fantastic self, a reusable water bottle to reduce waste, a notebook and pen, and default-world money for lunch and drinks at the social hour!

How much does it cost to attend?
This is a free event! A gift to the community! 
– That said, if we want more of these events to happen, please DONATE to the Kindle Arts Society to help us break even. We’re asking $20 if you are attending all day, or $5 per speaker if you are just dropping in.

I’m sold! How do I sign up?
Please REGISTER! Seating is limited, and we would hate to turn anyone away.

How can I connect with the community and find out more?
You can find more information and a welcoming community on the Facebook event page.

What, no schwag???
In the immortal words of Edd:

“There’s even a registration prize! Register. You could win a great hat.”
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