Birds aren’t Real.


First, thank you for understanding when we had to make the decision to re-run the election portion of our Annual General Meeting. It was an error that we should have foreseen and take responsibility for this having happened. To move forward, we have documented our procedures for future boards and we hope it will ensure a smoother run meeting.

Speaking of procedures, we need YOU!

Volunteer Coordinator for General Meeting

We are looking for someone that can coordinate and be the point of contact for the volunteers we need to run the next General Meeting. The board has already identified the roles required to make everything run smoothly, so we need someone to help us match individuals to the positions (sign-in clerks, time-keeper, setup, vote counters …ect)

Are you willing to take on the role of Coordinator? Please email us ASAP at so we can tell people who to talk to in our next mailout.

Last chance to apply for Kindle Arts Membership

  • Did you bring your Art or Theme camp to one of our event in 2019?
  • or did you contribute heavily to build some Art or a Theme camp?
  • Did you receive a Kindle Arts Grant in 2019?
  • Did you volunteered but you are not sure your hours were registered?

You have until the 7th of November to apply for membership, DO IT NOW! And give us some references so we can validate that with your peers.

General Meeting – We need YOU!
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