Birds aren’t Real.

In the past, it’s been up to the event lead to book a venue for our spring and fall events. We hoped that event leads would have interesting ideas for venues and it freed up the Board to concentrate on more strategic activities. But we’ve come to realize that finding interesting venues is hard work and many of them are already booked by the time we select a lead. And because most venue owners need to be educated about fire art, members of the Board often have to get involved early in the negotiations anyway.
So we’ve decided to create a Venue Team to find venues independently of the lead selection process. This is based on the model used by Ignition Northwest and how KindleArts already handles the venue for Otherworld.
The loose-knit team will be led by Director David Boon. He’ll recruit people who have particular knowledge about available venues or event requirements.
The team is already hard at work securing a venue for our spring event. They’re also tasked with researching potential venues for Otherworld for when we outgrow our current site. If you have an idea for a venue, send it to
Introducing Our Venue Team
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