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We’re excited to announce that with the confirmation of Otherworld 2022: Return of the Space Cowboi, we are ready to open a new grant round. This round is for Otherworld: 2022 only!

Due to the ongoing unpredictability of the pandemic, our only scheduled upcoming event is Otherworld: 22 at Laketown Ranch, June 16-20th 2022. If you wish to pARTicipate in this round, you must buy a ticket to Otherworld *everyone buys a ticket* and that money is then returned to our community through grants.

If you would like to bring your project to Otherworld: 2022 and you would like to apply for a Kindle Arts Grant, this is the application round for you. All are welcome to create the space, the art, the performance, the experience ~ your pARTicipation is the gift!

The Otherworld: 22 grant round will be accepting your applications from April 13th-25th at midnight. Mark your calendars, things are going to start happening very quickly and we’re doing our best to include everyone, but time is of the essence.

Please review our Grant Application Instructions at to prepare for your application.

We’ve got our dates, we’ve got our theme, now it’s time to talk about funding your ideas! If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Contact Vee & Blair at

Kindle Arts Grants Announcement
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