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Apply for membership in the Kindle Arts Society

Membership Form:

This form closes EOD on January 8th.

To obtain a membership in the society, you must have completed either 2 hours in a production infrastructure role, or 6 hours in a content contribution role. More details about qualifying hours are found here.

Hours qualification requests were sent out in June and emailed by leads and production members to

  • If you have completed documenting your team’s hours, your last step is to complete the membership form linked above.
  • If you only need to submit hours for one person (such as yourself), the membership form linked above allows you to specify your hours.
  • If you did not submit hours for your team or theme camp, please email a list of volunteer names, emails, and approximate hours to in this format:

Please complete the form before November 17th.

Thank you for being awesome!

Kindle Arts Society Membership Application 2023
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