OW:2023 Travel Grants Now Open

Travel grants are now open. They will close on March 31st.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/RZJpX6wkcRAUSRqeA

Travel Grants cover up to $750 towards the ferry cost, gas and vehicle rental costs of an art project or theme camp project at Otherworld.

Other Open Programs

Art Grants cover the construction of new projects and the refurbishment of existing projects, and cover a broad range of art. They close March 31st.
Apply here: https://kindlearts.ca/grants-program/

Temple and Effigy Applications are open now. They close on March 15th.
Inquire here: https://forms.gle/ac8VzC7Cm222oNgL6

Registered Camps and Projects. Know you’re coming to otherworld with your camp/project and want to guarantee tickets are reserved for your team to purchase before the directed sale starts?

Register your project or theme camp here: https://forms.gle/N8rTnp2NXp1b6ZWR7



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