Fill with ballast before using.

Fire Safety Publications

In addition to promoting arts in general across all disciplines and all skill levels, one of Kindle Art’s constitutional purposes is promoting fire arts and fire art safety on a municipal and provincial level.

Fire art is culturally important to many peoples, and unifies performers around the world.

Kindle Arts Society is pleased to present our fire performance and fire effect guidelines to the larger community. The Society encourages safe practices around fire art.


Fire Effect Safety Guide

Kindle Arts Flame Effects Safety Guidelines v.2.0 2024

Kindle Arts Flame Effect Safety Plan v1.2-2020

Fire Performance Safety Guide

Kindle Arts Society Fire Performance Guidelines V207-2020


Fine print: though we maintain this documentation, fire performance safety is your responsibility. You assume all responsibility and risk, including compliance, for the use of the safety resources available on or through this web page.

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