Who are the KindleArts Rangers?

They are your friends and peers. You may know one already.

What do KindleArts Rangers do?

The Rangers are dedicated to helping others. Think of them as the Girl and Boy Scouts of arts events. Doing things like helping old ladies cross the street, and ensuring event participants are safe and having a good time. Rangers do a lot of things, but the most important are:

  • They take several hours of training provided by KindleArts in non-violent communication, harm reduction, and safety training before being considered a Ranger
  • They attend KindleArts events and take shifts patrolling in pairs, wearing bandanas which help to identify them as Rangers
  • They respond to reports about confrontations between participants and help to de-escalate volatile interactions
  • They promote venue-specific codes of conduct
  • They encourage participants to embody the Society Values
  • They are the first responders to any emergency situation
  • They provide Peer Support for participants in crisis (emotional, mental, physical)
  • They have fun and participate fully in KindleArts events!

Where/When do KindleArts Rangers participate?

Rangers are officially on duty at all events held by the Kindle Arts Society. However, their dedication to their community does not end when the event does. A Ranger is someone you can always feel comfortable talking to whenever you need some help.

Why do KindleArts Rangers do it?

1. Rangering is the ultimate type of participation
2. Develop knowledge about safety skills
3. Carry responsibility towards your experience and your community

Where are the Rangers between events?

We have a Ranger Liaison whose role is to maintain the Ranger culture between events and to help provide information supporting ranger activities year-round. The Ranger Liaison also arranges frequent Ranger Training on behalf of the society. For more information about the Ranger Liaison, please see the Ranger Liaison page.

How do I become a KindleArts Ranger

Join us for one of the training workshops and volunteer at an event. We are always looking for new Rangers. Contact rangers@KindleArts.ca.

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