Who are the KindleArts Rangers?

They are your friends and peers. You may know one already.

What do Rangers do at Events hosted by Kindle Arts?

From the BC Rangers FAQ:

“Rangers are participants dedicated to preserving the safety, welfare, and quality of experience of our community.  We volunteer some of our time as non-confrontational community mediators, encouraging and facilitating communication.

We promote awareness of potential hazards, and carry radios to quickly relay information in case of emergency. We are not security guards, babysitters, nor fun-police, we are simply available, and only assist when needed.”

Rangers do a lot of things at Kindle Arts Events, but the most important are:

  • They take several hours of training provided by a Ranger association such as BC Rangers in non-violent communication, harm reduction, and safety training before being considered a Ranger.
  • They attend KindleArts events and take shifts patrolling in pairs, wearing an article of clothing which help to identify them as Rangers
  • They respond to reports about confrontations between participants and help to de-escalate volatile interactions
  • They have fun and participate in KindleArts events!

Where/When do Rangers participate?

There are Rangers on duty at events held by the Kindle Arts Society, and other regional events.

Ranger Training

You can take the BC Ranger Training. For 2022, training is available on May 1st and June

Training sessions are periodically posted by BC Rangers at bcrangers.ca.

Click here to learn more about the training.

Ranger Liaison

The Ranger Liaison position is a year-round, instead of having duties related to specific events.
They are not necessarily the Ranger Lead for any given eventThe Board of Directors has given the Ranger Liaison the following goals:
  • Build Ranger capacity
  • Build peer support capacity
  • Build individual self-reliance
  • Reduce substance risk
  • Reduce risk of physical and sexual violence

The Ranger Liaison can meet those goals however he/she sees fit, but their activities could include:

  • Keep abreast of relevant legislation, case law and best practices
  • Coordinate Ranger training with the education team, review Ranger certification and recruit volunteers
  • Provide support to events in forming their Ranger policies, and support, appreciation and acknowledgement for Ranger volunteers and their peer organizations
  • Advocate for Ranger needs, such as radios and team supplies
  • Coordinate harm reduction and sexual assault reduction strategies
  • Provide resources, assistance and advice to the Board, event leads, Ranger leads and peer support leads
  • Coordinate Support from Kindle Arts for Ranger organizations and their activities
  • Submit a budget and plan for activities to the Board

The position of Ranger Liaison is currently vacant. If you are interested in becoming the Ranger Liaison, please email directors@kindlearts.ca

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