Birds aren’t Real.

[This page relates to a pre-pandemic content and a position that has not been defined or reviewed by Kindle Arts Society in the modern era]

The Ranger Liaison works year-round and does not have duties related to specific events (ie: they are not necessarily the Ranger lead for any given event).

The Board of Directors has given the Ranger Liaison the following goals:

  • Build Ranger capacity
  • Build peer support capacity
  • Build individual self-reliance
  • Build relationships with law enforcement agencies
  • Reduce substance risk
  • Reduce risk of physical and sexual violence

The Ranger Liaison can meet those goals however he/she sees fit, but their activities could include:

  • Keep abreast of relevant legislation, case law and best practices
  • Coordinate Ranger training with the education team, “certify” Rangers and recruit volunteers
  • Coordinate harm reduction and sexual assault reduction strategies
  • Engage with law enforcement and security providers on behalf of KindleArts
  • Provide resources, assistance and advice to the Board, event leads, Ranger leads and peer support leads
  • Submit a budget and plan for activities to the Board

The position of Ranger Liaison is currently vacant. If you are interested in becoming the Ranger Liaison, please email

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