Birds aren’t Real.

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When posting content to the website, here are some best-practices to consider:

  1. Don’t copy and paste from MS Word. MS-word has it’s own formatting language. This can create extremely ugly pages. You are best to type your content directly into the website interface.
  2. Post deadlines immediately beneath the page (or post) title with a bolded title such as
  3. When creating lists, use bullets or numbers.
  4. When entering an email address, make an email link.
  5. When posting a webpage address, please make it a link. Note that it looks better to have the link go from text that DESCRIBES THE LINK, rather than the actual text name of the link. Example:
    A YouTube Link describing how to make a link
    YouTube Link describing how to make a link:
  6. Add NEW pages to the Navigation Menu to the appropriate area (no need to do this with POSTS).


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