Birds aren’t Real.

One of the problems with using Google Forms is that they don’t match the design of the KindleArts website. Another major problem is that when you embed a form as an iframe, it can be tricky to set the iframe height correctly. I’ve installed a new wordpress plugin that strips the form code out of the iframe and removes Google’s CSS (and allows you to style the form yourself).

Here’s how you use it:

  1. Create your Google form in google drive, as normal.
    • DON’T type the introductory text for your form into the form header. You’ll do this later (Step 9)
  2. Log in to
  3. Visit the new “Google Forms” menu.
  4. Choose “Add new Google form”
  5. Give the form a name, copy & paste  the link to the (published) google form (twice, as you’l see on the page), plus a whole bunch of other awesome feature that you’ll see in the page.
  6. Click “publish”
  7. In the new “Google Forms” menu, you will see a “short code” representing your new page. It will look something like this: [wpgform id=’4275′]
  8. Create a PAGE to embed your new form into (Dashboard > Pages > Add New). Make sure to add appropriate page taxonomy
  9. Write the text you want to use to introduce your form at the top of the page
  10. Publish the page.
  11. Add the page to the menu bar (
  12. Link to the new form page from other pages, as needed!
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