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Fire Safety Liaisons work year-round and do not have duties related to specific events (ie: they are not necessarily the Fire Safety Lead lead for any given event).

Current Fire Safety Liaisons are Alan “BentForkx” Whysker and Cam “Xray” Bremner. The Board of Directors has given them the following goals:

  • create documents explaining KindleArts’ standard fire safety protocol for the society’s events
  • pursue relationships with an insurer capable of offering performers’ insurance to Victoria fire performers and helping to bring this insurance to local fire troupes
  • presenting the above documents to local fire departments and city government officials
  • holding training sessions on KindleArts’ standard fire safety protocol for local fire performers in advance of KindleArts events and “certifying” fire performers
  • confirming that the fire safeties for specific KindleArts events are prepared to train fire performance participants on the KindleArts’ standard fire safety protocol
  • submits annual fire safety budget to the board of directors
  • collaborates with the KindleArts education team to provide additional opportunities for fire safety training including fire extinguisher courses, pyrotechnician certification courses, etc

The Fire Safety Liaisons can meet those goals however they see fit, but their activities could include:

  • Keeps abreast of fire related laws, codes, policies, etc.
  • Provide resources, assistance and advice to the Board, event leads, Ranger leads and peer support leads
  • Submit a budget and plan for activities to the Board
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