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Spring Art Grants
Spring Art Grants

The Kindle Art Grants team would like to thank all 16 applicants for the 2013 Spring Grant cycle!

This quarter the art grants team had a budget of $2000. During the review period, several people changed plans and withdrew their applications. One application was sent to the Participation Bursaries team for consideration (Zaireeka). Due to the large number of applicants, the maximum allowable award was set to $300. Applications were graded according to the art grant criteria and the average scores we used to award a proportion of the total budget.

You really only care if you got money though, right? Here are the amounts in order of application received:

Project Spring 2013 Art Grant Award
Luminere $70.38
The Adventures of Donja & Alfonse $107.95
Forest Hams 199.05
Lamp Lighters $258.22
Laterna Magica $67.96
Kai-Pod $256.06
Tree House $258.22
DazzleBox $116.44
Suspended Animation $221.10
Monkeypaint $258.22
Light Harp $119.13
Gnome Forest $65.09

As with all KindleArts grants, please save all receipts for reimbursement up to the amount awarded. Someone will be in touch with each of you individually in the coming weeks.

Any art projects who have not submitted their receipts by the deadline [Deadline TBA!] will be reconsidered during the next art grant cycle; however, they will be removed from the pool for this quarter and the funds awarded proportionally to the other applicants.

Spring 2013 Art Grant Awards
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