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Thank You 2024

To our talented, wild, fabulous, amazing and endlessly, fiercely passionate production team and all the bodies minds and souls of everyone who has contributed so very much to the woven fabric of our incredible community of Otherworld.

We would like to extend this, our gratitude, to everything you are and everything you do. You all blew us away this year. The excitement to charge forward is tangible. What will we do next? Where will we go from here? The passion for engagement is strong and oh so real.

We would wish to add this single note: you obviously are all in control of your own wills and destiny, but perhaps, first, consider taking a well earned and deserved breath for care, recovery and reflection. Take time for your body, nourish your soul, fill your heart with the knowledge that you have achieved incredible things and that is worth a moment or two on its own.

If you are ready to go, champing at the bit, overflow with ideas for the future please, take time on your own to write ideas and thoughts down. Collect self reflection on experiences, personal ideas and interests first. Sketch, colour, ideate and dream before jumping head long into restarting team meetings, logistics and structured event planning.

Taking time for rest and recovery is critical. The mind may be an endless fountain, however the body is the vessel for our actions and may need time to sleep, space out, do nothing or catch up with daily life. Making space to experience the lives and environments we came home to, either in celebration or in inspiration for future change.

We offer the idea that time is an important ingredient. Please, consider giving yourselves time; maybe a week, maybe more. Do what you need to take care of you.

We welcome your ideas and we look forward to our next meetings. We are so excited to see what we all have to bring and where we will choose to go from here.


Logistical Translation.

Team Leads – Whenever possible (obvious deadlines not withstanding) consider giving yourselves until – at least – next Monday before beginning to spark your next plans. Reach out to your teams, for thanks, for joy and for letting them know that they have time off to release their brains.

Larger Production Groups – Consider taking the full two weeks off, proposing that we hold our thoughts until July 1st at the earliest, before the discussions meetings begin.

With all our gratitude and support
Kindle Co Lead – Robyn T

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