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The Kindle Arts Society would like to thank the production team who created Otherworld 2013: Patterns. This year’s event, held June 28-July 1, marked the society’s second event as a legally recognized organization and the most fantastic Otherworld to date!

It takes an entire community to make it happen, but here are some of the people who poured out their hearts to create Otherworld:
Doarch (Event Lead): Wrangler
Douke (Event Co-lead): Chris Marks
DPW Leads: Clamb and Shenanigans
Leave No Trace (LNT): Calvin
Ranger Leads: Amara and Monique
Placement Coordinators (Theme Camps & Art): Megan and Natalie
Greeters Leads: Bunny Ruffles and Alison
Fire Safety Coordinators: Cam Bremner and Amara
Effigy and Temple Leads: Brian Culp and Jane Allen
Main Stage Coordinators: Mike Gano and Matt Gibson
Variety Show Coordinators: Vava and Dorothy
Centre Camp Coordinators: Abbey,Tender, and Nikole
Fire Performance Coordinator: Ben T Forks
Happenings (What, Where, When): Duncan
Otherworld Survival Guide: Dee
Ticket Masters: Nato and Jared
Communications: Ashes

Please take a moment to reach out to some of these people to thank them for their hard work, love, and dedication!

Click here for a note from Wrangler, Doarch of Otherworld 2013!

The Board of Directors would also like to thank the amazing artists, theme camps, performers, and volunteers who helped to build that special Otherworld magic! Thank you for being a part of Otherworld – we hope to see you again soon!

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In dust we trust,

The KindleArts Board of Directors

Jared Warren (Chairperson)
Amara Smith (ViceChairperson)
Morgan Andrews (Treasurer)
David Boon (Secretary)
Chris Marks (Director-at-Large)

Otherworld 2013: A thank-you from the Directors
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