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Travel Aid Fund

The Otherworld Travel Aid Fund was created to help remove the cost of travel as a barrier for Art Projects and Theme Camps that wish to attend KindleArts events on Vancouver Island.

A total of $4000 is available.

Travel Aid Funding includes the following:

  • Partial/full gas reimbursement with receipts for travel. Reimbursement at $0.45/km.
  • Ferry costs/return trip. Ferry reimbursement is limited to vehicle and trailer costs up to 40 feet. Individuals must pay their own way (i.e., we do not cover passenger fares).
  • Truck/trailer rentals.
  • Overall reimbursement that meet the above criteria is capped at $500 maximum, and only with receipts & mileage documented and presented.
  • Travel aid funding is available for Otherworld 2022 only.
  • Priority may be given to projects traveling from off of Vancouver Island.
  • If you have outstanding KindleArts grant funding and are not presenting your project at Otherworld 2022, you are not eligible for the travel aid fund.

For all questions please email and include “Travel Aid Fund” in subject line.

Click the link below to apply for the travel aid fund:

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