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Who: Anyone who has had the urge to run this event.
Deadline: December 9th, 2012 before 11:59PM
Event Date: Approximately February 25, 2013

The Kindle Arts Society is looking for leaders who would like to operate our annual spring event in 2013! The board is interested in receiving proposals from potential event leaders with unique ideas for an arts event to be held around February 25.

Spring Event Requirements:
This year we are looking for the most creative and unique event proposal submission. In past years the spring event has always been called Carnivale. In recent years it has followed this format: Variety Show in one location and All-night Dance Party in another location. We encourage you to mix it up! Choose a new name, change the format, BE CREATIVE! Consider adding daytime components, workshops, group arts creation sessions, a daytime sock-hop, a mobile bike party, a parade. How about a springtime multi-day camping event? Maybe rent out a campground, a whole hotel in Victoria, or a hostel up-island? This is your opportunity to create something new and unique!

Special Requirement – Art Proposals Exhibition
As part of the creativity requirement for this event, KindleArts is asking potential event leads to include an Art Proposals Exhibition as part of their proposal. What’s an Art Proposals Exhibition? It is an exhibition where artists, theme camps, and makers of all kinds are invited to bring models, drawings, photos, and prototypes of their upcoming art projects to present at the event. KindleArts will provide event participants with “chips” to award to creators that deserve financial support. Specific details on this will be worked out with the applicant whose proposal is accepted.

Preparing to submit a proposal
Please read the annual event proposals page for more information on how the final proposal will be selected.

How to Submit a proposal

Remember, we’re accepting both single-day and multi-day event proposals. (multi-day events are events where participants have the opportunity to SLEEP at the event location…). Don’t worry about making the proposal perfect, you will have time to modify it. Just start working on it right away!

Thanks for participating, we’re excited to see what you create!


Sincerely, and with great anticipation,
The Kindle Arts Society Board of Directors

What’s a Doarch?
If a monarch is (mon: a variant of “mono-” meaning “single,” or “one” used in the formation of compound words. -arch: a combining form meaning “chief, leader, ruler,” used in the formation of compound words: monarch; matriarch; heresiarch) a single ruler, and an oligarchy is the rule by a few… the Doarch is management by the person (or people) who do stuff! (The KindleArts Constitution requires that all projects be operated on a team-consensus basis, so doarch can refer to the team as a whole, or any person on that team). Apologies to Fletcher for stealing his word. Thanks to Uber for the reminder that the term doarch can be both plural and singular.
Victoria needs Doarchs for the spring 2013 event
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