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You may have noticed that a lot of work has happened around this site since last year! Volunteers are still working to improve the experience, and now we’re looking to YOU!

Do you have a desire to spend time creating an engaging and dynamic user experience with graphic design? How about web development? Have you worked in WordPress? Have you used Theme Builders before? This is something you don’t even need coding knowledge for. Just a great eye for design, a learning outlook on life, and a love of working with other people to make something great happen.

Pictures? You want to see pictures of all the awesome things we do on the website but are wondering where they are? We have em! But they have to be gone through, catalogued, and uploaded to the website. So many people would love you to bits if you made this happen.

If you happen to be a software engineer and really want to dig into things, we have an opporunity for that, too. There are vast improvements that can be made and opportunities for our community to be found by bringing external processes in-house. You could really move the needle for the community experience by codifying our proesses in one place.

Maybe you have experience in one of these fields but not the time to take it on. If you’d like to pay it forward by being teaching others or being available to answer questions now and then, that would be fantastic.

Please get in touch with the KABoD at with the subject line “Bringing More Web Presence” and tell us how you can help give each other a great membership experience

Creating web presence
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