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I’ve heard it said that the other members of the Board are “the usual suspects”, but a lot of people had no idea who I was when I won the election.

I first attended Otherworld in 2011 not really knowing what I was getting into. When I signed up for tickets I said something like “I guess I could volunteer for the Department of Public Works”. Ashes sent me an email guilting me into doing more so me and my three virgin friends ran Coffee Camp.

Giving out coffee was an amazing way to meet people (I introduced myself as “Coffee Camp” until Carnivale 2012) and really sold me on the culture. I quickly decided to go to Burn in the Forest and resolved to get into the community. But getting to Black Rock City in 6 weeks seemed like too much of a stretch, so I bided my time.

Over the winter I got invited to a few parties and made a few friends. When I heard that KindleArts was getting formed, I decided that being on the Board would be a great way to meet more people. I also felt that it suited my skills better than building art or leading an event.

I didn’t expect there to be much competition in the election – who else goes to meetings for fun?!? I was actually worried that I could end up being the Chairperson with no idea what I was doing. In the end, it turns out I had schmoozed with just the right people who showed up for the election. I made a speech about how I actually liked doing administrative stuff to win second-round voting over Kym Spencer, who ended up instead spending her time building the effigy for Otherworld and the Psychophilia regional effigy for Burning Man. I know she’ll readily admit that we both got lucky with that election, because those endeavors were a better match for her interests and talents.

By now I’ve had a chance to meet a lot more of our members than when I got elected. If we haven’t met yet, please send me a message or come say hi at one of our events – I’d love to shake your hand and kiss your baby.

Who the Hell is That??
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